Design Wall Monday, October 23, 2017

I must share with you the most recent KitNipBox for October.  Its theme is Halloween!  Look what's inside...the kitties are going crazy over the scarecrow!  Each of the toys are catnip'd except for the ghost and the scarecrow.  The ghost is on an elastic string with a ring perfect for putting around a door knob.  The scarecrow is on an elastic string knotted to a stick for dangling and getting them to run like the dickens after it.
Candy Corn
Scarecrow with Kassy
The box also came with these treats.  

Kosmo loves them that he growls at Kassy when they are too close enjoying the tasty duck liver.  I've had to tap him on his rear with a firm no that he acts this way!  I have already looked into a purchase of more.  PureBites are available through Amazon (who would have guessed).  If Kosmo can learn how to let his sister have some without the growling we may purchase more.  One more thing to share, Kosmo's first selfie!

He is such a ham...............

And now you know why you aren't seeing much sewing happening in my home =^.^=

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