WIP Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Knikknakk Block 7 is finished.  It was mostly done on Monday, but last night saw its last stitches.  I think that this is my least favorite of the block designs.  I don't much like the large middle section that each of these blocks contain.  Maybe it is the fabric choices I used.  I may change the blue check square at the top right to the dark blue that is used at the bottom.

Knikknakk Block 8 finished too.  When it is placed next to Block 7 a different green might be better for the top left square.  I am also considering a different blue; again perhaps the dark blue for the long strip on the left side.  It is the same fabric as Block 7 bottom.  A bit too close for using the same two fabrics.

I will be working on Block 9 later tonight.


Betty said...

Lots of activity in this quilt top. My eyes go everywhere, nice arrangement and lots of colors.

Janet O. said...

Once you get it all put together you are probably the only one that will notice which fabrics are too close to themselves. But if it will bother you, then you are wise to fix it now!