Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Well today is Election Day!  Nearing the last day we have to receive pamphlets, annoying telephone calls, and listen to "vote for me" on any possible social media possible!  Wow this has been a crazy process to put it mildly.  But voting is the right thing to do and we know it's true; so make sure you cast your ballot so that your voice is heard.

Last night I worked exhaustively on a "Flower" puzzle that my Dad prepared for me.  Frankly it turned into an all night endeavor until at 63% complete and hours into it I screamed UNCLE!  The online puzzle company is pretty neat.  You can make any of their library of puzzles or create your own.  If you are a puzzle lover check out their site.  http://www.jigsawplanet.com/

Once I gave up on finishing the puzzle Dancing With The Stars was on.  Between watching the dancers I pulled fabrics for Bonnie Hunters upcoming mystery.  This is what I have so far.

From the top third and fifth down may come out too.  They are looking too dark in this photograph.  I was pretty excited about the one third from the bottom when it came home with me last week, but now I am not so sure.

I'm liking the stripe at the bottom, but may change my mind when I see how it will be used.
The second one up from the bottom is a no go after seeing it photographed in this grouping.
I have yet to look for more of the greens that I am positive there will be enough.  The lavender shortage will prompt a visit to one of our local fabric shops.  Once I know the size of the units looking through my strips will ensue.

Tonight is Sunshine Quilters monthly meeting.  I'll be having dinner with the speaker, Ann Turley, and many of the members prior to the meeting.  Italian will be the menu, a favorite of mine.  Kerry and I will be selling chances on the bimonthly opportunity at the meeting.  We present it for the first time tonight.  It is a cute holiday wall hanging using a basket design.  Hope it does well for the guild.


Betty said...

Your dad would keep you in puzzles if he could. He always says he doesn't like them, but looks forward to doing them each day. Your colors are bright and love the purples. Hope you had a good dinner and evening with Ann Turley, what did she have to say? Good luck on the opportunity quilt, it is a cutie.

joan said...

Love your mystery fabric selections! I have mine all picked out and ready to go, too. Can't wait for Friday's first clue! Looking forward to watching your progress and seeing how different all the mysteries turn out. ~ Joan from Alaska