Design Wall Monday, November 7, 2016

I started working on the center block thinking about using the busy multi colored fabric as the outer most part of the block.  You know the eye always goes to the middle first.  The center block needed to be somewhat more outstanding than the others.  What do you think...will it work?
This block would introduce some new fabrics for sure!  The orange is new, not to mention the multi colored fabric.  The orange worked out far so good.

So pleased that everything else worked out as I'd envisioned.
Knikknakk is looking great through Block 5.  There is a red sashing that will run through the blocks.  There is also a green print for the border coming.  What do you think so far?
See more projects through the links at Patchwork Times.  Enjoy your week =^.^=

Everything Knikknakk


Janet O. said...

I think the way you used the multi-colored fabric on the outside of block five brought it to life! Great choice.
These are really involved blocks, but I can see how the constant red in the sashing will break up the busy blocks and it will be another amazing creation!

Nancy J said...

red sashing will fit in so well, will it be with every block? One side? all round? or will you zig-zag it up the quilt? Stunning border on your last block,love the way the triangles fit at the corners, and shows off the centre perfectly.

Rebecca Grace said...

Your blocks are darling! Love your color placement.

Betty said...

Lots of detail, and a good selection of colors. Looking forward to seeing it all together. I am sure it will be done this week. Just want to pass this on to all your readers, that your house is tidy and neat as your quilting room. Sandi is one organized gal, (lol, she got that from her dad) lol