Wednesday, August 17, 2016

It certainly is difficult photographing these large projects.  Kalvery finished at 89" x 90".  Next a back will need to be figured out.  There is very little of the fabrics left except for the eagle panel, inner border/sashing red, and navy border; possible perhaps!

Now it is on to Kloggs.  I took my evening hours to rotary cutting the blacks.  In the top left corner are my next grouping of medium-to-dark fabrics to be cut.  I plan to tackle some of these during my lunch break.
Cats can sleep anywhere!  This is Koko on the edge of my sewing table sound asleep.  He had been soaking in the sun at the window, but apparently got to hot.

I'll be back at Kloggs later this evening.  I would like to have as much of it cut as possible and started before I leave next week for my Parents home.  I'll be taking the project with me =^.^=


Betty said...

Kalvery looks great. Hope you don't have to buy a back for it. Maybe you can just stretch the fabrics you have. lol

Koko can sleep anywhere as long as you are around. Won't be long before you are here on the East Coast, can hardly wait. Just wish I had more things to do when you are here. Not much activity in the country.

Janis said...

I love your finish! I’ve been looking for the patterns for this quilt ever since I saw it on display years ago at a shop I stopped in while on vacation. They had done the block of the month and had none of the monthly kits/patterns left. I was able to purchase the finishing kit so I have the strips with the eagles and the outer fabrics. I contacted the designer, Paula Barnes, and was told by her that she had written the pattern for Marcus Fabrics and per her agreement with them, she was not able to sell the pattern. Would you by any chance still have your patterns, and if so, would you be willing to sell them? Thank you so much.