Design Wall Monday, August 8, 2016

Kalvery as I finish my sewing for Sunday.  I have all blocks stitched now.  The next step is sewing the neutral sashing to the blocks.  The block column on the left has all the neutral sashing sewn to the small blocks.  I still have to sew that sashing to the large blocks in the column.  There is a puddle of red sashing all set in a heap on the floor.

Due to what's left of the red I have to change paths for the outter red sashing.  I am thinking the red pinned at the left might be the ticket.  After the red comes a tan sashing and finally a larger blue border.  I need to make sure my eagles work out to be the correct length...not much margin for error on these.

I will be back at Kalvery tonight.  Hope your week is excellent!  See other quilting project through the links at Patchwork Times. =^.^=


Betty said...

awesome. in deed. I knew you would get that top done. Looks great/

Rebecca Grace said...

This is spectacular! Those strips of eagle fabric are wonderful alongside your precision piecing. It really gives the look of an antique heirloom quilt. Gorgeous!

Janet O. said...

This is so striking!!
Another winner, Sandi--in the long line of winners you are always making. : )