Sunday Stash Report, May 18, 2014

Good day everyone!  We are getting closer to normal in our beautiful town of San Diego.  The fires have reeked havoc on us most of this last week.  A few are still at evacuation centers, but they are being told that either today or at the latest if all conditions continue on the current plan should be back in their homes not later than Monday.  Unfortunately there have been several who don't have homes to return to.  So sad for them, a time to rejoice at what we have.  For them, a time to rebuild.  I wish the best for a speedy process.

Winston Ways
Winston Ways
There is a lot of cutting involved in the two workshops I am signed up for in October with Bonnie Hunter.  I have finished Scrap Crystals and almost there with Winston Ways.  I need a few more sets of blue, black, gold and neutral to finish.  I have one more place to look at home and then Kerry's on Friday.  We really get a break from enhancing and using our stashes when we shop from each other.  When the time comes these two projects will really take yardage away from my stash.
Koliding Krosses
May 2014 UFO #9
I do have a finish to claim this week.  My UFO for May is complete.  To be honest this is not a project I would be scrambling to want to make at this time.  It has finished nicely.  I plan to use the darkest of the blues for the binding.  Not sure what I will select for a quilting thread or pattern.  I suppose so many years ago my tastes in quilting designs was different...perhaps this is why I haven't been anxious to check this design off my want to do list.  Well now I can thanks to Aunt Marti's 2014 UFO Challenge.  You can see all my 2014 UFOs here.

Used this week:  9 yards
Used YTD:  119.25 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  85 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2014:  34.25 yards 


Betty said...

Good to hear that San Diego is getting back to some type of normal. The fire was a devastation and a huge worry. Glad that you are safe. Good job on you May UFO really nice, hard to tell the block. Very interesting.
Won't be long and I can really get a true look at your lovely quilts.

Kathie said...

I bet your mom was really worried about you guys.

I think I might try a coral thread on this, lay it across and see what it looks like.

Donna said...

Bonnie's quilts do use a lot of fabric. Beautiful start to both quilts.

Janet O. said...

I had been wondering about you and if you were in an area that was being evacuated. Were you able to stay in your home?
Glad things are settling down for you!
I'll be shipping your little quilt back to you in the next couple of days. Thanks so much for the loan!