Design Wall Monday, May 19, 2014

Krazy Krones
I'm working on Krazy Krones among several other projects :).  Krazy Krones needs the swoosh between the star and the tip of the hat on each of the eight witches.  I have six of them done right now.  I'm using either gold or black pearl cotton thread depending on what background the witch has.  The gray one in the photo will probably be gold.  This project is the last of my Buggy Barn designs needing to be finished.  I have some leftover blocks from Krazy Kattle and Krazy Krones that I plan to make into small wall hangings.  I'm waiting on Julanne now for the next cute project to be instructed.
I have three projects to turn over to Kerry when I see her on Friday.  Kranberries (aka Talkin Turkey by Bonnie Hunter), Koliding Krosses (aka Earth and Sea by Cheryl Malkowski), and my Whisper Challenge project with Sunshine Quilters.  I will be sharing what's in that green bag after the June 10th reveal...

Koliding Krosses
Whisper Challenge
I have some free sewing time left this month before the next UFO is announced; think I might pick up Krackerjack (aka Star Fusion by Jana Thomas).  I haven't had opportunity to work on it since January.  I'm real anxious to see this project finish.

Enjoy all the link ups at Patchwork Times today!  Have a wonderful week.


Kathie said...

All the quilts are beautiful. Can't believe you have so many going at once.

Ramona said...

I agree... love them all! I am looking forward to seeing your progress on your star fusion quilt. That one just jumps off of the page.

Ramona said...

PS...Is the pattern for Star Fusion available on line? Or can you tell me where I can buy the pattern. That one is speaking to me in a very loud voice! :D

Janet O. said...

I must say that Kranberries is stunning! Wow!!
Krackerjack 2 is a really fun design. Love it, Sandi!

Betty said...

I love the witches, the swoosh will really tie the star and the hat together. Krackerjack will be fabulous, another one of those striking quilts. Kranberries is a beauty it is just beautiful.

Gari in AL said...

It looks like you have really been busy with great results. And I, too, would love to know about the Star Fusion pattern.