Design Wall Monday, December 23, 2013

Part 4 done...bring on Part 5.  I like the way these 4-patches look.  I sure am getting curious on what design Celtic Solstice will become.  I sure am thinking it's one of the floor patterns Bonnie keeps introducing each Part with. 
Kilowatts is ready for assembly into rows.  The pieces on the right are the bottom row.  Next comes a solid black inner border and then the final border which will be more on the black side.  Once the hectic time just before Christmas has settled I'll have my full attention on getting this project done.

See more fabulous works in cloth through the links today at Patchwork Times.


soscrappy said...

Kilowatz is fabulous. You are forgetting so close!

Janet O. said...

The rich colors of your 4-patch blocks are beautiful together.
Kilowatts is amazing--of course. : ) I am in awe, again. I love that it is made from pineapple blocks, and you know I have a thing about those. It is so stumming!

Vireya said...

Your kilowatts quilt is amazing! It's specially amazing that you are doing the mystery at the same time.

Happy Christmas!

Betty said...

quite a piece of art, absolutely beautiful. Just when I think I like one the best, you display another. Lovely