Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hope your day is going well so far.  I've got plans to meet a friend for lunch.  Barb does the best massage!  We used to see each other once a week for a 15 minute seated back massage, but her routine changed at the beginning of the year which has meant no more weekly get together.  We've been corresponding about a lunch date since and today is that day.  We'll meet at Chili's for a taste from their wonderful kitchen.

I have continued working on High Voltage with all my black/white and white/black scraps.  It is looking like what I thought was a HUGE amount of scraps will not be enough to complete this project.  I still have enough to keep me sewing for awhile although I am pretty certain a plea to my Mom is in the future.  Mom has made lots of black/white projects and should easily be able to help me out.  I won't be asking Kerry because she plans to make the same pattern in the same fabrics for the very same reason...use up scraps!  At first the blocks looked to be too busy for my liking.  Now that more are assembled the pineapple design is starting to show itself.  I like it much better.  It is slow going and easy to put the "black" where the "white" should go and vice versa.  My Clover seam ripper has been seeing some action :)!  I figure out a name for this project. Strangely get came to me after the postal person brought my electric bill.  How fitting is Kilowatts?  I'll be working on it until my fabrics run out or when Sunday comes along.  I've got to dig into my April UFO Kalahari to make sure it gets done on time.

Sunshine Quilt Guild meets next Tuesday in El Cajon.  Joan brought us Bonnie Hunter's block design found in Quiltmaker for our BOM.  The cream of the pinwheel was provided.  The light and dark fabrics were directed to be Spring colors.  These would be fun to put together with other like Spring colors.  Maybe I'll be lucky and win this time...I'm due!


Betty said...

Yes indeed, Kilowatts is the perfect name for this lovely quilt. I REALLY like it. Of course the pineapple pattern is one of my favorites. Good job San.
I will have the black and whites in the mail before the week ends.

Janet O. said...

You hit the nail on the head with the name of this one!
I love pineapples and this one is very striking!

Unknown said...

Great name! It does really show up the more blocks you put up.