Thursday, April 25, 2013


I continue to work on Kartwheels.  Today I was happy to spend nearly my entire day sewing.  I have nine of the 16 stars done.  Until I have all of them sewn I won't put the parts together.  The stars get sewn to the corners of the arcs making them into a square.  I have a little bit of playing around to do with colors.

These are the fabrics I've been using for the stars.  The darks on the left are also what I used in the arc points.  I think the red melons stand on their own well so I decided early on not to use them again.  Perhaps I'll use a red for the binding.  Wait until you see what comes next with the pieced border...

This next photo if a corner of my sewing room.  On the top far right and all on the bottom row were all made by me at Country Loft.  There are a couple more "cat" doll patterns that in time I hope to add to my collection.  They sure are fun to do.

I'm looking for another day of star making tomorrow.  TGIF!


Janet O. said...

I thought this pattern was striking before I saw it with the stars. This takes my breath away! You always find such gorgeous quilts to make, Sandi, and you do such a nice job on them!
This one gets two thumbs up from me!!

Betty said...

Wow, so stunning. It looks so difficult? I know you love the challenge. It will be perfect. Your corner cat wall is so cute.