Patchwork Times 2011 UFO Challenge, December 17, 2010

Judy at Patchwork Times is hosting a 2011 UFO Challenge that starts in January with the selection of the first UFO (Unfinished Object).  Today participants are to list their projects and assign each a number.  The rules are pretty general in how and what you choose to challenge your self to accomplish.  So here's a little about my challenge and how it will work...

I've selected a project that I'll call Kourageous.  I've had thoughts of making a quilt using animal theme prints into exotic flower patterns for about three years.  I started collecting various animal theme prints during the annual Cruisin' Quilters Run that's held in San Diego County each March back then (2008).  In Maryland during a visit to my parents home I stumbled upon a subdued patterned black batik at a Quilt Show that was in Annapolis that my Mom and I attended.  Seems to me it was from Calvert Quilt Shop who vended at the show.  I also picked up a subdued hazy black/dark brown batik at Rosie's Calico Cupboard Quilt Shop which is one of my local fabric shops.  So as you can see I've been collecting fabrics. 

Next began my hunt for foundation pieced exotic flower patterns.  This has turned into the largest part of this project..  I found a book called 24 Flower Quilt Blocks for foundation piecing by Linda Causee that's terrific.  I've seen them available on Amazon.
I've also gathered patterns from Claudias Hasenbach Quilts who does some beautiful foundation patterns.   My challenge will be to make a block using these fabrics each month.  I'm still trying to find other more exotic flower type foundation patterns that might replace what I'm posting today, but if a number is called I'll be making that block.  Any changes will be to ones not yet started.  Since I only want nine blocks the numbers 10 to 11 will be non participating months or if I change my mind and decide I need more blocks.  So here are my 2011 UFO Challenge Selections.

 #1  Bellflower by Claudia Hasenbach - 81 pieces, 16 sections - Due March 31, 2011 DONE

#2 Flax by Claudia Hasenbach - 74 pieces, 13 sections - Due July 31, 2011 DONE

#3 Heartsease by Claudia Hasenbach - Due November 30, 2011 IN WORK

#4 Meadow Clary by Claudia Hasenbach - 99 pieces, 21 sections - Due April 30, 2011 DONE

#5 Meadow Buttercup by Claudia Hasenbach - Due October 31, 2011

#6 Lily by Linda Causee - 146 pieces, 23 sections - Due January 31, 2011 DONE

#7 Iris by Linda Causee - 169 pieces, 25 sections - Due August 31, 2011 DONE

#8 Larkspur by Linda Causee - 188 pieces, 21 sections - Due June 30, 2011 DONE

#9 Lily of the Valley by Linda Causee - 150 pieces, 17 sections - Due May 31, 2011 DONE

#10 Cranesbill by Claudia Hasenbach - 82 pieces, 13 sections - Due February 28, 2011 DONE

#11 Pansy by Linda Causee - 232 pieces, 23 sections - Due September 30, 2011  DONE

#12 Violet by Linda Causee - Due December 31, 2011

Potential Blocks

Blue Flower

Flat Pea


Calla Lily


Corn Poppy



Morning Glory

Red Clover


Thistle 1

Thistle 2

Lady-of-the-Night Orchid

I've got nine more 2011 UFO Challenges that I'll be working to accomplish during the year.  These will be posted on my blog soon.  Come back and see how I progress on all my challenges.


Kathie said...

All very pretty blocks. I don't paper piece well so they sure all look hard to me.

Betty said...

This will be a beautiful quilt. Paper piecing is not my thing. However, the blocks come out so great. Good Job.

Jo said...

Love the flower blocks...beautiful project

Deb said...

I cant wait to see this, it sounds interesting....

Angie in SoCal said...

I love flower blocks so your project will be one I am going to watch. Here's to progress!