Design Wall Monday, June 3, 2024


The maker of the Turkey Tracks block that used the top fabric used with it a very bright orange.  The block was done very well, but the color selection was too brilliant for the rest of the blocks I won in November 2023.  Since the quilter included extra fabric I will pare it up with the plaid.  I plan to make one block, a dark block.

I am still working on the fix of another block, but sadly no extra fabric.  So I have looked through my stash to find things that work.  This block along with the very bright orange blocks will make their way to the sleeve.
This is an early image.  Much further along now.  My project has an extra row finishing five across and six down.  I will add a couple of outer borders to finish at a large queen.  Once the binding is done on Kolonization I plan to get this one finished next.

Hope all is going well with you!  Happy sewing...21 days and counting down to retirement =^.^=

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Betty said...

I like the quilt. Each block seems to pop, looking forward to seeing the end results. Will be very pretty.