Design Wall Monday, April 8, 2024

October Morning is complete...except I haven't thought yet of a name.  Without a name I can't make a label.  Without a label it doesn't qualify as a 2023-2024 Sunshine Quilters 2023-2024 UFO Challenge completion. :(  I am not going to make a label to satisfy this requirement.  I will just have to hold on to it until an inspiring name comes to mind.

I am working my way around Katerskill still.  It will not be done either to qualify for a UFO completion.  I am not going to make a label when I can get four labels on the expensive paper.  I do have a name though.

The Story Books Quilt and the Truck of the Month July are in a similar situation without labels.  Oh well next month I will have these to claim as complete.  Guess my valent attempts to get these done was a flop =^.^=

Sunshine Quilt Guild monthly meeting is tomorrow.  Hope to land more in the bimonthly fundraiser.  The drawing is tomorrow!  Happy sewing everyone on this Lunar Eclipse Day.

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Betty said...

Yes, like you said, no rush on these loverly quilts. Big and awesome quilts.