Design Wall Monday, October 4, 2021


Month 5 blocks were easy ones.  Not sure the one on the bottom left is a poinsettia, but that is what the designer says it is =^.^=

Up until the Toy Soldier block the Puppy block had been the most difficult!  I have a Toy Train to stitch next.  Two more blocks to finish before Month 6 is done.

During TV watching, we are currently watching Star Trek Discovery, I have been cutting out for Hocus Pocus.  Friday evening was marking the lines on what will be HSTs.  Lots of them, all done now.  This will be my next project after Kristmas Kollection.

Have a wonderful week ahead!  Happy Birthday today to my twin nieces Leah and Sabrina.  Mine is tomorrow and my Sister is Thursday.  October is a busy month for my family!

1 comment: said...

Your Christmas blocks are nice. The poinsettia block doesn't look like a Christmas flower. Lol. The two toy soldiers are cute. Wishing you a great birthday