Design Wall Monday, July 6, 2020

Back in Time is tiny!  This was my progress until the threads arrived for Wooly Nutcracker.  The are the unfinished unts laid out just before sewing into rows.
When my sewing day ended yesterday this much had been sewn into rows.  The corners will go on last.
This is what remains for me tonight.  The piece of wool on the right will be used with the couching stitch that make up the vines on the outside border.  I'll be heading to Primitive Gatherings online for more thread ordering.  I don't have a deep red or green that will work...  It will be nice to have this 2019 UFO done, but first I'll need Primitive Gatherings to bring thread!

Does anyone know if there was a character or place in the movie Back to the Future that would help me with a name for this project?  Everyone take care =^.^=


Nancy J said...

Haven't seen the movie, but as there are vines, what about " Klingon"?

kwiltnkats said...

Nancy - I've been trying to get your new contact information and wish you well in your recovery. I like Klingon :)

Janet O. said...

It is tiny, and I love it. I recall I first saw this quilt in 2013 when Lisa Bongean came to our Winter Retreat to teach a class. She was still hanging up display pieces when I walked into the classroom and as I saw her pull this one out I gasped. It just took my breath away, it was so striking with the cheddar and red. I bought the pattern that day, and I STILL haven't made it. :(
I haven't seen Back to the Future since it first came out, so wouldn't remember any names. But Klingon sounds good to me.