Design Wall Monday, July 20, 2020

Autumn Love looks the same as the last time you saw it.  Now though the pins are removed and the pieces have been glued in place.  Stitching started last night and only the stem, crow body and wing, along with the sunflower bloom are left to finish. 
Next up is the block with the wagon.  Cutting pieces first and hoping that the 10 1/2 inch Trim-it Ruler is here before I need it.  I also ordered Sue's Glue as Lori suggests, but Roxanne's that I already have is probably just as good.  We shall see...
An lastly, the start of another project #4 2019 UFO Nines in Blue.  Tiny, tiny =^.^=

A bit of an update on Greyson's Open Heart Surgery that was today.  My great nephew got through it with flying colors.  He's on his way to a full recovery from this first surgery.  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  Enjoy your week ahead.  I'm going to be looking in the Northwest sky again tonight for the comet

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Janet O. said...

I really like the pumpkin blocks. Would love some fall temps about now, too. :)
Love, love Nines in Blue!
That is such good news about Greyson!