Design Wall Monday, July 13, 2020

Today it is all about Krispin.  This is where it stands this morning, but I am very excited to get back to it as soon as my work day is complete =^.^=

The technique to use for the couching (the stitching for the vines) had to be figured out first.  Will it be by hand or by machine?
My Pfaff is a wonderful machine!  I found stitch 6.2.1 to be perfect for my needs.  You probably can't detect unless you look very closely, but the stitch connects at the center and locks in place before moving to complete the next stitch.  So you can clip away the connector stitch without losing anything.  I'm still debating whether it is necessary.  Let me know what you think, please.
The vine is just 1/8" wide!  The next part is to get the leaves in place.  Here I'm not certain what thread to use.  The thread from the sewing machine or perle cotton that was planned.  These leaves are about the size of a watermelon seed.  Again I'd value your experienced position on what thread might be best to use for the leaves.
At this point only the vine that is eight separate pieces is sewn down.  I used fusible web to secure the wool on the background before stitching.  In an earlier photo of my practicing you can see the backside of the fusible web on the wool that is being used for the vines and leaves.  This fusible web can be put through an ink jet printer to get the pattern printed directly onto it.  I traced with pencil this time which is also an option.  The product is called Barely There by Swirly Girls.  I became aware of it from a class by them I took at Road to California a couple of years ago.  I've used it a lot since then.  It is very light weight, much like Steam-a-Seam 2, but lighter.  Lot's of places offer it; just search for the product to find other distributors.
I'll be tracing out seven more leaves and then putting them in place with the fusible web.  Deciphering what thread to use for stitching down the leaves and away I'll stitch.  Everyone be safe and enjoy the middle of July this week =^.^=

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I sure hope your quilting friends give you the answers you are asking for. I certainly don't know the answers. Maybe Janet O, can assist you