Design Wall Monday, July 15, 2019

Sawtooth Flutter 12 Blocks
Today is a real Design Wall experiment!  Are you ready to help?  I'm looking for the best sashing option (there are two) and the best border option (there are a bunch =^.^=).  Here we go...
Sashing 1
The small star could work, but not the larger one that is identical in size to the one in the block's center.  It would make for too large a sashing.  I didn't take a photo of Sashing 2.  It is vertical strings with a 2" red square at the unions.

Sashing 1 Border 1

Sashing 1 Border 2
Sashing 1 Border 3
Sashing 2 Border 1
Sashing 2 Border 2

Sashing 2 Border 3
Sashing 2 Border 2 corner needs something in the corner.  Sashing 2 Border 3 corner needs more options.  Maybe with any of these pieces (Sashing and/or Border) you have another option for me to try.  Anxious to hear your thoughts.

Enjoy your week!


Unknown said...

The first border[squares]and sashing 2.

Jitka said...

THe last - Sashing 2 Border 3- is nice. Jitka

Kerry's Quilting said...

My two votes go to sashing 1 border 1 and sashing 1 border 3. Love what you are doing!

Quiltsmiles said...

Sashing 3- Using the smaller stars for cornerstones with a neutral colored sashing is a stunner.

Border 1- a neutral border as pictured in the latter photographs. For the final border I love that larger star corner stone idea since it's the same size as the block centers and in the outermost borders a piano key strings with the red surround.
What do you plan to do and have for the binding?