Design Wall Monday, December 4, 2017

This week I will be sending off Kourageous to the Road to California Committee.  Judges will look at it sometime before the show in late January 2018 to score it with the rest in its category.  The blue fabric is to hide the label so there isn't any bias during the judging.
Still working through the hour glass units that eventually become pinwheel blocks for Kutarug.  I'm hoping to use up some of Mom's stash during my visit there next week.  Not that I don't have enough, but variety is always nice.
On Ringo Lake for me is at Part 2.  These will be coming with me to Maryland in case I feel the need to sew.  Mom's stash will certainly be scoured for these melon colors.  I will be using the new ruler pictured.  I am sort of old school, but one never knows until a new way is attempted.  It promises to take a step out of the process.  No name yet for this project...suggestions always accepted.  Keep the "K" in the name :)


Janet O. said...

I wish you well with your quilt entry.
You must have made a bazillion hourglass units already. Boggles the mind!
Krystal Kreek or Klear Kreek are what come to mind right off the bat. Creek is the only "K" sound I can come up with that has to do with water. But perhaps you aren't necessarily trying for a water name. If you are using the coral color maybe you could go for Koral Kreek--or maybe you would rather not have a creek at all. LOL

kwiltnkats said...

Krystal Kreek is good. One that’s on a label already 😻. Another friend of mine found that the name of the county where Ringo Lake is located is Kandiyohi. Sounds like a good choice right now. Just need to learn how to prounce it!

Betty said...

Try saying Kandiyohi three times, lol You have been stuck on Kutarug for sometime now, I know you will be glad to finish this one. You have had so many things to do lately, and kitties come first. Thats okay, maybe a break is what you needed. My stash is ready to be empty. Be with you soon.