Friday, August 14, 2015

I am just about finished with another yet to be called UFO.  Krystal Kreek is at the "sew on the borders" stage.  Looking forward to taking off some stash this week!  Because I have purchased a bunch of fabric this week for three projects.  I needed a couple more blues for Krystal Kreek and more for two new projects.

I will be taking a Buggy Barn workshop on Sunday with Julanne Burgstrom to make Prince Charming.  It takes 5/8 yards pieces which is not something I have a lot of in my stash.  I have been to Beverly's, Bits and Pieces, and Rosie's to get fabrics.  I think I have a pretty good mix, but Paradise sewing where the workshop is to be held just might have something that must be part of this project.

I picked up August BOM for A Prairie Gathering from Country Loft along with two other fabrics for Believe! a project I will be working on in October at the next Buggy Barn workshop.  Oh, some fabrics were also purchased for Believe! at Rosie's.  I will need more for this project before's coming when I can find it!

I've had a busy day today; fabric shopping, sewing, and having the car smog'd for the coming year's registration.  Guess what I liked doing best?  Enjoy your Friday.


Nancy J said...

A little bit here, a bit more there, and before you can say " Guess what" it is all gathered for the next project. Blues, my favourite.

Betty said...

I think I am back on line, fingers crossed I (and DH) are so computer tech stupid. Thanks to my DD with all the help she has given us. Yes, sometime age is a problem. lol
You really went on a shopping trip. Looks like a lot of fabric. Very nice colors and great fabric