Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I am coordinating a block swap of Unit 2 and Unit 2 from the Bonnie Hunter design Midnight Flight.  The swappers are starting to send them in now.  These are from Joan.  Anxious to see who finishes next...  I am about half way finished.  I decided to sew the extra seam to make bonus triangles.  Kerry wants my blue bonus triangles for her Scrap Crystals project (also a Bonnie Hunter design).  I will end up with the purple bonus triangles for some future project.

So today I've conceded in the knowledge that I will not finish the "chosen number 2" UFO for this month.  I have been working at it, but there is way too much to do for this design riddled project.  I should have been working on it throughout the year instead of this busy for me month =^.^=.  The photo on the top, center block, was made yesterday.  I'll be adding it somewhere to the growing number of blocks that I have assembled.  There are three smaller block designs to be added that when four come together finish the size of a large block.  Somehow I need to figure out which large block design I like over all the others and make four identical.  Trust me there is a long way to go!  See a photo of this Janice Ellertson and Jodel Yover design called Beauty 'n Check.
Koncentric Konnection

I do however have a UFO to swap out for this month.  It is number 3 on my Twelve in Fourteen list.  It was made earlier this year and gifted to my great nephew, Logan.  This project comes from a workshop I attended at Road to California, Harmony Square by Linda Ballard.  The pirates in the border are a HUGE hit with Logan (1 year old) and his older brother Luke (3 year old).  I'm told they use it to lay on in front of the their favorite videos and television programs.

Kaptain Khorous
This leaves me another month to finish Koncentric Konnection which should be just about right!


Janet O. said...

Koncentric Konnection just boggles my mind!!

Betty said...

Koncentric Konnection looks like a BIG puzzle! Good thing you have a large design wall. I just about have my swaps ready to send. more than likely the first of the week.