Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Koda's Keeper
2011 UFO
66" X 71"
Koda's Keeper is finished.  One of the 2011 UFOs that is done in 2013.  It is hard to see it but there is a real cute quilting pattern used, a buzzing bee. Kerry did a great job as usual carrying out the quilting.  This quilt has a very special meaning to me.  It was made to go along with Koda, a quilt that was made for my niece Morgan.  Her Mom and Dad were to use this quilt on those cooler evenings when Koda kept Morgan warm.  Morgan's nursery was all decorated with bears and these two quilts fit just perfect.  I plan to keep Koda's Keeper until the right time when Morgan will know how special this quilt has become.  My brother would have been a great Daddy.  Love you always Steve. 

Koda's Keeper was as a result of the 2007 Block Exchange with Canyon Quilters.  These quilters helped me create a wonderful quilt. I'll soon be at Canyon to share with all of you.  There were too many bears to fit on the front so several of the blocks make up the back as well.

Debra Broyles
Carrie Reichart
Toni Selman
Collette McManus
Sheryl King
Babrara Friedman
Deb Mackay
Kathe McClellan
2008 UFO

64" x 85"

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Janet O. said...

Tender story about Koda's Keeper, Sandi.
Must have been an emotional finish.