Friday, November 15, 2013

70" x 86"
2013 UFO
Kloudburst is completely done.  All up to pace with binding until Kristmas Kollage comes my way.  Kerry mentioned on Tuesday when I saw her that it was on the long arm.  

I stopped by Paradise Sewing in Poway on my way from the office today.  Picked up three 1/4 yards of small scale black with white prints that are Kookaburra worthy.  I'll be cutting them along with the two I got from Memory Lane in El Cajon on Tuesday out tonight.  Still on track for a finish this week :).



Janet O. said...

Another nice job. I love these colors together--in fact, I have a box full of fabrics in these colors, along with a pattern that I intend to make with them someday. I think they create such a classy look. : )

Betty said...

great job, good colors, and another finished quilt. WOW!