Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I can nearly see the end of the HSTs for Kaktus a future 2012 UFO that I've got a head start on.  The 15 foundations just in front of my tissue holder need only the paper removed.  I was able to do five of them at lunchtime (the group to the front left).  The 34 at the front on the right are at the third FG unit of the five on the foundation.  I've been able to do one FG unit to all 34 in an evening.  Maybe I should push that a bit tonight and finish.  I'll be so happy when they are all done.

The brown fabric is for Klappers my August UFO.  I've been cutting the fabrics into the required sizes this week during lunchtime as well.  Monday I finished the brights, Tuesday I finished the background, and today I finished the dark.  The pattern has wonky stars for the center and the eight points.  I'll have fun putting this one together.

Today I have a 30 minutes massage on my leg.  This will be the third massage to help clear up my sciatic nerve issue.  I'm getting better each day, but only right now by the smallest amount.  I wish I'd wake up in the morning and be back to normal...  Enjoy the rest of your week.


Betty said...

I too wish for a speedy recovery, it is time to move on. lol At least you can sit and sew, cut, etc. Chat later.

Janet O. said...

You are going to have Kaktus together before you know it. You keep churning out these full-size quilts and I struggle to finish minis! : )
Hope you can get better soon. Sciatica is NO FUN!