Design Wall Monday, August 20, 2012

I'll be working on Kaktus this week.  I'm at the point where sewing the blocks together starts.  I can't begin to say how glad I am that I started this UFO before it was called.  I have all the monthly challenges for August finished.  Time to work on a few other things that aren't yet on a challenge list!

This is Kommodore.  I got it back over the weekend from Kerry's Quilting.  I'll try to get a photograph of the quilting on this beauty when I have the binding down.  I know lots don't like the binding part, but its one of my favorite parts.

I'm anxious to see where I ended up with Kordova Klosure in this week's theme Scrappy Quilts with the Quilt Gallery.  There's a button on my side bar if you want to check things out.  This is a fun weekly contest.  I wonder if I'll have anything that will fit next week's theme?

Today is my first of four scheduled physical therapy appointments.  I'm still hurting from my sciatic flare up.  I'm sure hoping for some magic!  I've been slowing getting better; this has been going on since the middle of July...enough!

Have a great week.  Its supposed to be a warm week in San Diego again.  Like everyone else it will be nice when southern California gets back to what's normal.  See what other quilters are doing in with their fabrics at Patchwork Times.


Jennifer said...

Kommodore looks great - I agree with you - love stitching down the binding, I guess it is the feeling of accomplishment!

Janet O. said...

You have two great milestones here--ready to assemble, and ready to bind. Both are good feelings. My struggle with binding is that I am slow and I am usually trying to make a deadline. If I could get things finished farther in advance it wouldn't be such a dreaded thing--I could just relax and enjoy. : )