2011 UFO Challenges, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years!
Here are my ten 2011 UFO Challenges.

#1  Kourageous.  This is an idea for a project that I thought of about three years ago.  It was started collecting fabrics during the 2008 Cruisin' Quilters Run.  It will be a collection of foundation pieced exotic flower blocks using animal skin themed fabrics with a black/dark brown background.  This UFO will be done as a BOM on Patchwork Times 2011 UFO Challenge.  Each month a number is selected I'll do that block.  Should be fun!  Here's a picture of the fabrics I'll be using.

Done...in blocks ready to assemble.
#2  Geese in Flight.  This is a group of blocks won in December 2009 with the BAE Systems Quilters.  This quilt will go to charity.
#3  Koda's Keeper.  This is a group of blocks from a Block Exchange started in September 2007 with Canyon Quilters.  This quilt was the quilt made for my brother Steve and his wife Tammy.  It's named as the parent of Koda that is the first quilt made for my niece Morgan.  Both quilts were designed to match the bear theme of Morgan's nursery.

#4  Kartwheels.  This is a pattern by Judy Niemeyer called Mariner's Star.  I've purchased the back and several FQs from Sew Batik in July 2009.  The rest of the fabrics needed will be pulled from my stash.
#5  Komfort Kove.  This is a pattern by Theresa Eisinger called Pinwheel Cove that was published in the Quiltmaker Magazine July/August 2010 issue.  I've got the back and the white fabric (pieces cut).  The rest of the fabrics needed will also be pulled from my stash.
#6  Krossfire.  This is a pattern by Judy Niemeyer called Jumping Jax Flash.  I've got the back and the rest of the fabrics will come from my stash.
#7  Kurry.  Judy Niemeyer pattern called Briar Patch.  Only back purchased for this.  Again a stash buster!
#8  Koriander Kompass.  Brenda Henning pattern called Spice Islands Compass published in the Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting Magazine March/April 2007 issue.  Have only one other piece of fabric besides the back.  If I have enough stash it will be a buster too.
In Work
#9  Kaskade.  Deb Lutrell designed this one that she calls Ice Castles.  It's from McCall's Quilting January/February 2009 issue.  I have two pieces of fabric with hopes of getting a piece I love for the back from Quilters Connection.  It has my name on the piece, but its first slated for the owner of the shop...I may have an opportunity to what's left.  If not I'll be purchasing something.  By this time it's doubtful that large pieces will be in the dwindling stash :) (a good thing).  Other fabrics will come from my stash as this is also a scrappy quilt project.
#10  Komplikated.  Bonnie Hunter designed this one she calls Patches and Pinwheels.  I first saw it in the September/October 2008 Quiltmaker Magazine issue.  This one is definitely a scrappy quilt.  It will empty my 2" stash strips and blocks stash for sure.  I'll put a border on it based on the color the center calls out for.  This is a picture of Bonnie's quilt.
So I've got my challenges cut out for me for this coming year.  Check back to see how I keep up with them all.  Hope you've set some goals for yourself in 2011.  Keep your hands busy with needle and thread (and your favorite sewing machine).  Happy 2011!


Kathie said...

They all look like fantastic quilts, will be fun to see your process. Guess I need to pull out #6 from Judy's challenge today and see if I have fabrics in my stash that will work.

Betty said...

Looks like you have a big job ahead of you...I didn't know you had so many either started or in your plans. You will get them done. They all will be lovely.

Sue V said...

That's quite an ambitious list. Judy's quilts are not a 'quilt in a day' project for sure. Good luck with this list. I like #5 and #7 the best.