Friday, January 28, 2011

TGIF!  It sure was a gorgeous day in San Diego.  I had a chance to get out into it earlier than usual, around 1pm.  I had a dentist appointment for a cleaning, so not so bad.  Next I had my tires rotated to keep within warranty.  Then to get printer ink where I had no luck finding what I needed, but not to worry another office supply store will have them.  Next home to get Kaos and KoKo for a veterinarian appointment (time for annual shots).  I'm getting Kaos ready for next week's teeth cleaning (KoKo was done late September last year).  Kaos is not going to be particularly happy with me next Thursday!  Between all of this running around I had my sunglasses on and the Honda's driver's side window down--just perfect!

I was home with happy cats by 4pm.  A look see at today's mail and then upstairs to finish putting the last pieced border and three remaining corners on Kottonwood Kurl!

Didn't my Bonnie Hunter Mystery Roll Roll, Cotton Boll come out nice?  I'm loving it!  I'll be blogging on Sunday with progress on my January UFO and my Stash Report (I've been good this week how about you?).


Kathie said...

This came out beautiful but wow, what a lot of tiny pieces.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi,
Your "Kotton" is lovely. I think we both used some of the same browns in our RRCB quilts. I'm just attaching the last row of blocks on mine and then it's audition/decision time for the green borders. I've already started putting the pieced borders together. Can't wait to post mine.

Gail :)
P.S. Sunglasses needed here too but only because of the snow glare, lol. No open windows though. Temp this am is 15 degrees--heat wave!

Brigitte said...

loved visiting your blog, luckily I'm going to met Bonnie here in Germany. AND I'm lucky to be in 2 of her workshops! can't wait
Thanks for your pictures
Brigitte, Germany

JudyCinNC said...

The "Kotton" quilt turned out just beautiful and I know you must be glad it is complete.
We usually do errands on Wednesdays and such a good feeling to have everything done for the week. No weekend shopping for us - one of the advantages of retirement. Now off to "my room." Judy C

Cathy said...

Your quilt looks very nice. I just finished my 4th border and today will be finishing the corners and then add the borders to the top. It was so much fun doing Bonnies Mystery Quilt.

Quiltdolls said...

This quilt is wonderful I love the flow of the fabrics...GREAT JOB!