Wednesday, March 6, 2024


Happy Wednesday!  The last duck has been completed <Quack, Quack>  This guy will soon be cut on the solid lines with the other 11.  I am both excited to move on to the next steps of this project nearly as much as I am that it is finished.  These ducks are just plain Happy.  I headed over to Hobby Lobby after work last night to pick up the floss for the next cross stitch project.  While there I checked out the fabric to see if anything twisted my neck for duck sashing and border fabric, but nothing did.  You never know where the just perfect fabric will be waiting for you.

A little about the next project.  It is all transportation vehicles.  As you would know I needed all but two of the 12 colors of floss.  $0.53 is what I paid for each unit.  There was a time according to the bands around some of the floss in my stash when they were $0.15 per unit.  Can any of you remember a lesser price?  You will be seeing a lot of this project once it gets going.  It will definitely be my project when I head to Maryland in a couple of weeks.

Hope your Wednesday is a good one for you =^.^=

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