Design Wall Monday, June 26, 2023


It is getting close to the bombs bursting in air day!  Our home isn't too close to the loud noises, but just in case you are try out the helpful hints from The Cat Hospital.  I do practice the first suggestion and close the windows and curtains in their quiet spot of choice...our bedroom.

I will not be showing too much of the goings on with Emerald Chilhowie as I don't want the surprise to be shared.  Know that it is coming along nicely with the block and sashing portion nearly done.  Next up will be the inner border.  I have a good many units already cut.  Anxious to see how it will look next.

Hope that you have a good week ahead.  This is a working Friday for me, but at the end of my day, my stay-at-home vacation will begin =^.^=

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Betty said...

Good for you, a mini vacation at home is the best. Relax, sew and add something different to your time off. You deserve to have some fun. Happy Fourth.