Design Wall Monday, June 5, 2023


These two turn six today!  They are about to celebrate the day starting with Temptations Birthday Treats.  Kassy is on the left and Kosmo on the right.  They have both just noticed the bag =^.^=  Happy Birthday!

Yesterday I spent several hours on the floor sorting through my stash trying to find the perfect fabrics to make more projects.  It is difficult for me to look for more than one project at a time.  I really need to focus on one or I am not happy with the result.  I have settled on these fabrics for another sunflower wall hanging.  I hope to get to the cutting of units during the week.

I will be making two projects from this pattern.  These fabrics will make the wall hanging on the left side of the pattern's cover.  This one will stay with me.  Like I need another Halloween project!

This second set of fabrics will make the darling placemat on the bottom just under the wall hanging.  I might get swayed into making the other two placemats, but first the pumpkin and owl.  This one will go to Greyson.  As I have mentioned at one time he was very interested in owls.  Not sure that is still the case, but he's going to have one under his plate on Halloween.


Kerry's Quilting said...

More Halloween Projects to keep you busy. Happy Birthday Kosmo and Kassy!

Janet O. said...

Oh, I can't believe those kitties are now six!!
Sorting through the fabrics to find the ones that are just right can be fun--unless you never find the "just right" ones. The problem I have is making everything fit back in where they came from.
You do have a few Halloween projects under your belt. But if you love them, why not more? :)