Design Wall Monday, June 19, 2023

Look what's back up on my Design Wall.  Yep it is what I have been calling Emerald Chilhowie.  I am working on the setting now.  Specifically the sashing between the blocks and the rows.  The row on the far right is folded over so that I could see placement as I build this six rows across and seven rows down project.  Once the two rows are complete I'll be folding over them to allow the rest of the blocks to be fussed over for best placement.  Then it is on to the next part that will be the inner border.  I plan to work on it much the same as the 15" blocks, all 42 of them, folding over the rows to make the best look for planning unit placement.

Continue with me as Emerald Chilhowie progresses.  I have every intention of finishing the top and getting it to Kerry for quilting during July.


Betty said...

Absoulty awesome., that is a big quilt

Kerry's Quilting said...

Emerald Chilhowie is looking great!