Design Wall Monday, December 6, 2021


Yesterday I worked on sewing Hocus Pocus.  This is one of my 2021 UFOs.  I finished all first steps of the 20 pumpkins and the stems.  Everything is cut for this project.  Anxious to have this one working.  I am not sure there will be a finish to any of the remaining 2021 UFOs, but there was lots of sewing this year...just not from my 2021 UFO list!  Tonight there are plans to trim off the excess and get this project on my Design Wall!

Today also came a delivery of Kofi.  Photos coming of this awesome custom quilting project done by Kerry.  She kept the blades 3D and added my favorite design of circles in the borders.  You will love this one!

Looking forward to Friday that is the annual holiday luncheon with BAE Quilters.  This year we plan to meet up at Yanni's in Poway.

Hope your week ahead are full of what you like most =^.^=


Nancy J said...

A busy week down here, huge grocery shop today, a few more presents bought, tomorrow tackle finishing the bag. This is the second of maybe 4, I made one for our daughter's friend, and now 2 others also want one, and daughter needs hers upgrading. But I have a heap of patterns, loads of fabric, and some zippers, so just need to get my foot on the pedal.

Betty said...

Glad that you are pleased with Kofi, waiting to see the completed quilt. Kerry does such beautiful. Enjoy your luncheon.