Saturday, June 3, 2017

These were the last of the pieces of Chapter 11.  I didn't even put them in their little baggie since I was on to Chapter 12 the final chapter where they were to be used.

You have already seen the quilt at the end of Chapter 11.  Next you will see the conclusion of this project.  I will be disappointed when it a good book!  Pam Buda and A Prairie Gathering has been a joy to piece.  Of course you definitely need to enjoy making HSTs.

Return tomorrow to see Kanton Kull finished.


Nancy J said...

Wow, this is looking better every time, a really great size and fab colours.

Janet O. said...

Yes, there are a ton of HST in this quilt. They are a wonderful effect, but I don't know if I could have made them up as quickly as you seem to have done.
It is so gorgeous!