Sunday Stash Report, March 22, 2015

I am so close to finishing Korners it's sad there weren't a few more hours yesterday for sewing.  I have the pieced borders done.  All the blocks are sewn into rows and the first three rows are sewn together.  While the laundry is going I will be sewing the remaining rows together.  I have the black inner border cut.  Finished it will be 3/4" wide.  Just enough to set it apart from the blocks.  I just might need to purchase a blue for the outside border...would rather find it in my stash where all of the other fabrics have come from, but it might not be.  
Next up is the finishing component for Kompass.  You can see it next to Korners.  I'll be stretching my background fabric on this one...
For this week I have a null report.  I certainly will have something to change the numbers next week!  Enjoy this beautiful day; the first days of Spring.

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 69.25 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD: 36.75 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  32.5 yards

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Betty said...

love the borders on Korners, really looks great. Kompass is stunning, would look great in a large quilt. Looks so awesome.

Jennifer said...

Wow - it is looking great! Here's hoping you have time to finish it up this week!