Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I am participating in A Red and White Quilt Show (made prior to 2014) by SewCalGal.  If you have a red and white quilt...why not play along?  
My entries for this part of the Show...quilts made prior to 2014.  It's funny that both of my quilts finished in the same month don't you think?   =^.^=

Dove in the Window from Glad Creations, Inc. (pattern #CG161).  Mine finished at 86" x 101" in March 2011.  I purchased this pattern via Sew Batik at the 2009 Long Beach Quilt Show.  I gave it the name Krimson Khat in going with the name given the pattern.  (I name all my quilts with "Ks".)  Crimson being a shade of red and khat being a bird.  
Krimson Khat
Tree of Life from the Temecula Quilt Company publication called A Collection of Small Red and White Quilts.  Mine finished at 11" x 13" in March 2013.  This pattern came to me during the Red and White Quilt Show at the Temecula Quilt Company where Krimson Khat was entered in October 2011.  It was also one of my 2012 UFOs.  I know that copse is a group of trees.  I searched all over for something appropriate with a "K" and this worked the best.

There are three parts to the show.  The next part is called Design It! that is February 10 - March 23rd.  Make sure you enjoy all of the quilts in the show.  See all the details at SewCalGal.  


Béa said...

Wonderful quilt !

Janet O. said...

Krimson Khat is stunning!
I think Konifer would work well for the tree, too. : )

QuiltSue said...

Krimson Khat is wonderful, and I love the little tree too.

Diane said...

Thanks for sharing both of them, they are lovely! I like that you name your quilts with K's...that's kool! :)

Suzanne Earley said...

Great quilt. I love how the reds seem to glow.

bettysewnsew1@gmail.com said...

Keep us posted about the red and white quilt show. Sounds like fun, I know you will enjoy the show.