Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Surprised it's already March!  Did the first two months of the year treat you good?  Did you get done with the challenges you'd set in place for yourself materialize or are you still working on them?  As long as you don't give up on them you're doing great.  I'm pleased to report that I've made all my deadlines so far with one being very close but achieved with little more than three hours to spare... You might remember my Kourageous Lily block that I managed to eek out.  Well this one for March is going to get started early!  Judy pulled #1 a doosey!  I'm taking the animal fabrics with me today to start selecting what will go best for the Bellflower block.

Bellflower (UFO #1) March 2011

I've got to count out all the different colors that Claudia Hasenbach's design asks for to see how this one will come together.  The stem looks tough at first glance.  These are just 6" blocks mind you.  Once again the background is the same as the Lily and Cranesbill blocks already made used.
Lily (UFO #6) January 2011

Cranesbill (UFO #10) February 2011

Maybe I can use the deeper browns of the tiger skin and go even more vibrant than the Lily with the Bellflower's stem.  Fabric selections will be posted tomorrow for your comments!  Come back and visit me then.

Have a terrific Tuesday.


JudyCinNC said...

What a wonderful challenge you have. Can't wait for this one. Judy C

Betty said...

Here we go again. Love checking each week on your progress. Did you check Kathie L blog, She has my second heart quilt on it?

Cathy said...

You do such a beautiful job with your blocks. I love them.

Tina Rathbone said...

I'm loving those animal prints, Sandi; knew I would when you showed me what you'd be working on that weekend when I went to Kerry's for the quilting on Night Star.

Kathie said...

Look forward to seeing this one done because I can't imagine it in anything but blue.