Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today's Ground Hog Day...I didn't hear if a shadow was spotted although with all that Mother Nature has been dishing out this last few days probably not.  Very cold and breeze for San Diego today, but being inside at work :( all day it wasn't a bother.  I'm just happy to be here then to deal with the weather others are facing around the country (and the globe I might add).  Gosh I heard over the weekend it was -37' in Alberta Canada.  Then 20+ inches of snow in other parts with plumbing freezing in homes where only hot water could come from the spigot.  Also it doesn't escape my mind what Australians are facing with the cyclone and just after the major flooding.  So no complaints from me.

I had opportunity to select fabrics for UFO #10 Cranesbill block for my Kourageous project that will keep me busy in 2011.  So here they are...and a photo of what they'll become.  I have tried to select fabrics from the stem that are true to the real Cranesbill flower, but as you can see that is where all the realness stops. 

Now that my fabrics have been selected I'm going to spend the rest of the week and weekend working on my Komet from the Bonnie Hunter Star Struck workshop I took at Road to California quilt show on January 23rd.

Enjoy the rest of your week.  It's a short work week for me YIPPEE!

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Kathie said...

Definitely no reality with those flowers, it sure is going to be unique and interesting. I love the star struck quilt. I did mine in Christams fabrics when we did the class maybe thhree years ago.