Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday today and it's not an Off Friday for me tomorrow :(!  It has been a slow work week.  Today it's made a little bit shorter by a 1pm appointment at Mane Tamers for a little personal pampering.

Last night while watching TV with DH (along with needle and thread) I made it around three corners to finish binding Katching Kisses.  This is a Cozy Quilt Shop pattern called Romantic Getaway.  I used a Bali Pop the Berry Bliss collection, only the darks, on this and a real neat patterned background white cotton with a blue design.  I think I found the background in Maryland when I was visiting my parents a couple of years back at Material Girls Quilt Boutique.  All the other fabrics are batiks, my favorite. The medium blue accent with a small triangle design comes from Cozy's shelves and finally the back and borders came from Quilter's Connection.  Quilter's Connection has closed it's doors, but I was able to pick up several beautiful fabrics during the closing sales.

One last binding project ahead of me is a blue jean quilt that will be a donation.  The pants are for the most part donated from a coworker Marco at work.  This one is heavy!  It was made in 2008 during a quilting retreat in Denison, Iowa.  We stayed at this great Bed and Breakfast called Providence Inn.  Our quilting group has connections...thank you Kristy and Bonnie!  The quilt has been tucked away in the quilting queue until this past weekend.  Quilting with denim and all it's heavy seams even with a very light batting and cotton back is pretty tough.  Especially made so with all the pockets and leather labels I included with the embellishments.  There are two others still tucked away in the quilting queue waiting for a good steam pressing and a hammer to help flatten down the seams.  Anyone have any suggestions for something better to accomplish "easier seams for the Gammill"?

Until next time...keep on quilting!


Cathy said...

Your quilt is beautiful. Don't you just love the feeling when the last stitch is sewn in the binding. I finished a little wall quilt last night. Felt fantastic. Hugs

JudyCinNC said...

Beautiful piece of work - I am beginning to think of my Bali Pops in a whole new way. Batiks mixed with regular quilting fabric, who knew that would work. Great job. Judy C

Kathie said...

very pretty. I like quilts like this that are not difficult to piece and look more complicated when set. Love the colors.

Think I might just send the DH for fast food tonight. don't know if it was the injection or nerves from the injection (I am big time chicken when it comes to needles) but not feeling that great.

SewCalGal said...

Beautiful quilt. Love the colors you selected too. Great job.


Betty said...

Katching Kisses is really nice. I love your color selection. You sure do whip out quilts. While I work on one a month lol lol.