Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yeah we've made it to mid-week or more commonly called "hump day". Got several more bear paws for Krimson Khat done since my last post. I've got a few more to go until I'm all out of the 3 1/2" red "paw". I've finished preparing all the 2" half square triangles and 2" red squares for them...just takes time to put them together. I've been adding a lot of fabrics so I've been sort of cutting as I go now to make sure all the scrapiness is disseminated through the quilt. Today I spent some time cutting neutral 2" x 11" and 2" x 5" pieces for the sashing. I still have more red to cut in these sizes, but again I'm now on cutting as I go for the overall distribution of all the scraps used. Oh and I'm also getting in a few 2" red and neutral squares and the 5" red border squares along the way. Looks like maybe this weekend when I'll be able to show progress to you......

I went online and ordered two rulers. I've got rulers that would have worked, but decided to get the real deal according to Bonnie Hunter. I'm probably going to start My Blue Heaven! by Bonnie next ( free patterns). Thinking about doing this one in pinks ("My Pink Heaven!"? naw it has to start with a K...). Help! The rulers were ordered from Keepsake Quilting; 4 1/2" EZ Easy Angle and EZ Companion Angle. If all goes as I'm thinking the new rulers should be on my doorstep on Saturday (well actually on my sewing buddy, Kerry's, doorstep since we did a joint order to her address). Always nice to have a new gizmo or in this case two! One can never have enough rulers is Kerry's motto.

I also found time to go to Judy's blog ( and post a comment about her post called Seam Rippers dated 8/24/10. Judy posted about favorite tools and what a response she gathered. "What's yours?" is what she asked. I did post a comment that mine must be the seam gauge; you know the metal ones that are about 6" long with the sliding device that squares off your measurement. The one I'm using is one I had when I was in high school (I graduated in '72, still going like the EverReady Bunny). I use mine like a stiletto, never sew without it. I have one other that stays in my travel sewing kit as I couldn't bear to have my olde but goodie misplaced. My next favorite is an eye brow thinning tool learned about in a class with Wendy Mathson that you can purchase at a beauty supply store for around a dollar. It's great for those projects where reverse stitching has you busy for awhile. It is sharp enough to cut through the unwanted stitches, but also blunt enough that you don't nick the fabric like a rotary cutter can easily do. Some interesting favorites like the Purple Thang (got this one too) and a bikini shaver (oh my explain...) were mentioned by those posting a comment. Another mentioned is a hemostat--I learned of this in a class by Bette Runnels but never quite got the "got to have" vibes that she purported. And yes like so many others commented the Clover seam ripper is the best I've found on the market--except for it's sheath which gets lost in my sewing table way too easily.

Yesterday I received a block exchange kit from my work guild's 2010 project; this one is Shelly's. It is paper pieced and adds to a project she's been working on for awhile. It makes a Mississippi Wheel of Fortune. My kit contains very bright batiks in lime green, two shades of orange, yellow, and two shades of blue to make one block. I do love a challenge although I'm not particularly fond of constructing circles which is what this block is. I do however like the way circles look in quilts, its the getting there that awh hurts. More later as I get this one put together. I have until 11/10 to finish it--shall I do like others and wait until "D-Day"? NOT!
I'll be hand sewing tonight if the Netflex movie on store is any good. So far it's not sounding like one of the movies I would enjoy.... Otherwise I've got more bear paw blocks ready to assemble.

I'll be on again on Sunday for the Sunday Stash Reporting.


Betty said...

Wow! that was quite a nice report, lol. It was interesting about all the seam rippers. I bet you will have a photo by Sunday. Maybe one of your quilts on your shelves you could show us..

Kathie said...

I don't think I have one seam ripper that I really like. guess that is why I TRY not to use

Hey I graduated one year after you, 1973!!!