2013 UFOs

Here are my 2013 UFO Challenges:
DONE...March Challenge

#1 Khambray.  I first saw this design on Quiltville Chat. It isn’t a Bonnie Hunter design, but someone had made it that is a member and posted it.  The simple way this pineapple block comes together had me hooked.  I purchased the book Geometric Gems with a 25% coupon at Rosie’s Calico Cupboard Quilt Shop just this year.  The design is called Pineapple Nine Patch by Cathy Wierzbicki.  I’ve been collecting some blue to teal fabrics to give me what I need along with my stash.
DONE...April Challenge

#2 Kalahari.  Jo’s Country Junction got me hooked on this pattern through a review and give away she posted on her blog.  When I didn’t win…I purchased the book Spotlight on Neutrals by Quilts and More for Any Décor by Pat Wys with another 25% coupon at Rosie’s Calico Cupboard Quilt Shop just this year too.  The design is called Havenstone.  II raided my Mom’s stash for some neutrals when I visited in September.  Along with my stash I should be set with fabric.  You may see more designs from this book being assembled by me as I really like at least four others.

DONE...November Challenge

#3 Kookaburra.  Another pattern I purchased this year in January at the Road to California Quilt Show.  Design is called Licorice Allsorts by Lydia Quigley.  I’ve been on the lookout for black 30s fabrics all year.  Now that I’ve chosen it to complete in 2013 I better really start adding to my stash in earnest.  Kookaburra if you don't know is a bird native to Australia.  It also happens to be the name of a candy manufacture there famous for it's black licorice.
DONE...February Challenge

#4 Kadette.  This pattern is called United We Stand by MH Designs (MH610).  It’s been on my bucket list for a couple of years.  Kerry made one and I love it.  I had to have one for myself.

DONE...January Challenge

#5 Kushy Kourt.   Bonnie Hunter has given her readers a mystery annually for several years that starts near Thanksgiving weekend.  One that comes in several steps each week usually with the last step released right around New Years.  Don’t know what she has in store this year for us, but I’m planning on it.  I’ll have to wait until I see what develops before I can figure out what it will be called.  Easy Street is the name of Bonnie's design.

DONE...September Challenge

#6 Kamp Kastles.  Cute name don’t you think that my sister came up with?  This was a class given at Cozy Quilt Shop in El Cajon.  It was a two session class that happened to be on a weeknight.  No can do when the shop is over an hour from my workplace.  I was able to get the pattern and will get it made in 2013.  I’m hopeful to make this one from my batik stash!  Design by Renee Peterson called Jeweled Forest featured in McCall’s Quilting November/December 2009.
DONE...October Challenge

#7 Kindergarten.  Little School Girl designed by Lori Smith is a pattern I picked up at Quilters Coop in Temecula during the annual outdoor quilt show that is held in October.  The year the pattern came home with me was 2011.  Pattern is in Lori’s Q is for Quilt series.  www.frommyhearttoyourhands.com.
DONE...July Challenge

#8 Kubicles.  Another design that was inspired by a Jo’s Country Junction blog post when she did a quilt shop tour of Country Threads in Iowa.  The pattern is Layer Upon Layer designed by Country Threads. 
DONE...June Challenge
#9 Kloudburst.  This pattern came to my attention through Keepsake Quilting.  You know how you get sucked in when they show you what you could make when they advertise new fabric lines.  Well congratulations Keepsake Quilting…you got me with this Blue Storm pattern designed by Faye Burgos using Marcus Brothers fabrics by Laura Berringer.
DONE...December Challenge

#10 Kingsford Kove.   This one comes to me via Sue via Darlene.  Darlene made it and Sue shared it with me.  Rustic Meadows is a design by Alex Capadalis Dupre from Quick & Easy Quilting October 2000.  I should be able to use up mostly stash…YIPPEE!
DONE...August Challenge

#11 Korral.  Nine Patch Dance is designed by The Calico Horse.  This pattern was purchased at Road to California Quilt Show a few years back, 2008 to be exact.  I had myself all geared up to get the kit BUT they were all sold out.  I almost never buy kits…perhaps if I had it would have already been made.  This year it will finally be stitched.

DONE...May Challenge

#12 Knautikal.  This is a Judy Laquardia pattern called Scraps Ahoy.  It’s offered free on her Patchwork Times website.  I have a couple of more she’s designed that didn’t make it to this list that I’ll try to get finished too.

DONE...Extra Credit
#13 Konfidential.  Lakeside Mystery 1 at Road to California Quilt Show January 2013 will be my Extra Credit UFO.  The workshop is on Friday night the week of the show.  We will be guided through the process by Karen Sievert of www.niftyneedle.com.

I'm also going to keep working at getting done what was on the 2011 UFO list that didn't get finished in 2012 either
L  (Koda's Keeper, Kartwheels, Kaskade, Kurry, Krossfire, and Koriander Kompass).  Yes I'm not happy that I didn't get these done; I'm not the type to set goals without results.  A 30% success just isn't what it should be!  I did get one done in 2012, Komplikated.  The good news is that I got all my 2012 UFOs done.  I must have been crazy thinking I could get so many Judy Niemeyer designs done in 2011.  Let’s say I know now I can’t!

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Susan said...

OMGosh - you got so much done this year...
I popped over from Marti's blog - I love your "Kookaburra" - but being an Australian and knowing a kookaburra as a bit of a boring coloured bird - I could never imagine a quilt as stunning as that to be called "kookaburra" - but I love it!