Design Wall Monday, September 17

Sunday was the day to finish the binding and add the label to Kastaway.  Sue will be helping me today add a few rhinestones here and there.  Yep certainly cutting it close to turn in time for the San Diego Quilt Show event.  Turn in is today at Rosie's between 1 and 4 pm.  It is with great fortune that once the rhinestones are applied there will be no setting time required.  I will share a photo once the rhinestones are in place. 

The other two quilts and one of Kerry's are in the car waiting for the trip today.  If you find you can go to the show it is a good one that runs Thursday 9/20 through Saturday 9/22.  I plan to be there on Friday to help with selling chances on the Sunshine Quilt Guild's Opportunity Quilt, white glove a bit (helps display the quilts to admirers), along with looking at all the quilts being displayed.  Of course let me not forget shopping!

Have a wonderful week.


Nancy J said...

Shopping, maybe that should be first on the agenda. The little I can see of your quilt is fascinating.The whole picture will be amazing.

Betty said...

Yes, it is awesome.. I trulely love it. All the luck in the world to you

Janet O. said...

Who can forget the shopping?!? LOL

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see the finished results!

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