Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This week I've been working on Kotton Kandy Kocktail a pattern by G. E. Designs Iceland called Strip Cocktail. It uses entirely 2 1/2" strips. I'm using Hoffman's Cotton Candy Bali Pop for this project. Oh I just love the lushes colors of these Bali Pops. This will be the third Bali Pop color I've used in projects. The first color was Kiwiberry; which became the name for my quilt project Kiwiberry from the Jan/Feb 09 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine that featured a pattern by Bonnie Hunter called Tropical Twist. The second color was Green Tea for as it turns out two projects, Kastanets and Kastanets' Kin. These projects were from a workshop taken at 2010 Road to California with Brenda Henning where we constructed her patterns Mood Swing and Linda's Twist. Linda's Twist used the scraps from Mood Swing which was pretty neat. I've got Bali Pop colors Butterscotch, Sherbert, and Berry Bliss yet to fondle. Berry Bliss is planned for my next project Katching Kisses, but that's another day's post.

Back to Kotton Kandy's a picture of the start.
I used a black design wall for it since all the colors are light and as you can see they show up better against the black. The top center are the two block designs that alternate through the 7 by 8 row top that finishes without a border. To the right of the blocks are the strip sets that will be cut for the center of the block that is surrounded by white. Below the blocks on the left are the strip sets that will be cut for the second block design. Of course you'll recognize the white it has a very pretty lacey paisley design on it and the remaining strips at the bottom right are what is left from the Bali Pop plus some to be used for the binding. That big piece of fabric on the far left is the backing.

So now it's time to cut some strip sets and get my Pfaff purring.


Tina Rathbone said...

Nice colors, Sandi! Very inspiring!

Kathie said...

Ok, I have to ask, what is a Bali Pop? I have heard of charms, layer cakes, jelly rolls etc. but have never heard of a Balli Pop.

kwiltnkats said...

Hoffman Bali Pops are packages of 40 2.5" strips, all batiks. They are grouped in color families sort of like a FQ kit. They are priced in the range of $35. They seldom ever go on sale.

Betty said...

Another fantastic quilt in the works. Can't wait to see it finished.