Saturday, June 16, 2012

We got done with Mom's Chunky Churndashes top then went to work right away on the pieced back.  All done with both!  YIPPEE!  One project completed and ready for quilting.  There were four of each churndash and hour glass blocks left so of course they went to the back :)!

Another Crabapple Swap turned in.  This one is from Karen.  Everyone is doing a fabulous job this time grouping and identifying their offering.  It will make it so much easier to sort out for everyone when the time comes.

I spent the morning finishing the binding on Kordova Klosure (in my PJs =^.^=).  I'll be getting this HUGE quilt on the rack shortly for photographing for my post tomorrow.  It finished 100" x 108".  Like I said HUGE!

Next up is Mom's Round Robin.  She is right now sewing parts and pieces together.  See if I did okay figuring out the math...triangles can be a challenge....


Janet O. said...

Wow, you made a huge "Orca Bay" quilt!
I always think it is more fun to sew in my jammies! : )

Rose said...

I love your chunky churn dash quilt and of course all of Bonnie Hunter's patterns. How lucky is your mom. It would definitely use up some of my "old stash". How did you know how much fabric you would need for the hour glass blocks?