Design Wall Monday, July 6, 2020

Back in Time is tiny!  This was my progress until the threads arrived for Wooly Nutcracker.  The are the unfinished unts laid out just before sewing into rows.
When my sewing day ended yesterday this much had been sewn into rows.  The corners will go on last.
This is what remains for me tonight.  The piece of wool on the right will be used with the couching stitch that make up the vines on the outside border.  I'll be heading to Primitive Gatherings online for more thread ordering.  I don't have a deep red or green that will work...  It will be nice to have this 2019 UFO done, but first I'll need Primitive Gatherings to bring thread!

Does anyone know if there was a character or place in the movie Back to the Future that would help me with a name for this project?  Everyone take care =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, July 5, 2020

The longer weekend for me saw a finish with my Wooly Nutcracker project.  Enjoyed some fancy stitching while hanging out on our backyard patio along with the lovely breezes.  My friend Candi came up with a nice name for the project, but alas Kristoff is a frog =^.^=  Nice to have a 2020 UFO finish even if it only accounts for 1.25 yards...front, back, and binding!  Now to look for a name...
The threads arrived that the project had been waiting on before the holiday postal day off.  I did pretty good making the selections with Primitive Gatherings through their website.  The natural probably should have been a shade darker, but it worked just fine.  Frankly unless it was way off it would have been used regardless.
Friday time was made for my seventh block (Block 12) of Fit to Frame.  At first I thought the design was only two fabrics, but upon closer inspection at the pattern there were actually six fabrics.  I found three new suitable themed fabrics to add in to what has already been used.  The time is upon me to really consider continuity among the fabrics.  It didn't start off being anything different so it needs to continue that way or the odd blocks will really stand out.

I did find time to get ready for my next project a 2019 UFO and a repositioning of Autumn Love's first block.  Come back tomorrow for a peek into Back In Time because that is what's next on my sewing table.  Until then do take care of yourself!

Used this week:  1.25 yards
Used YTD:  81.5yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  14 yards
Net used in 2020: 67.5 yards

Design Wall Monday, June 29, 2020

I was thrilled to receive more of what I will need for Autumn Love and Vintage Christmas projects.  Both of these by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet.  I will be doing the Vintage Christmas BOM that starts in December with Stitch in Heaven.
I was equally happy to receive another BOM from the Beware! It's Halloween! project that has not yet been started.  This month's project are four Witches Hats.  This one is with Midway Wool Company.

I have a few more things coming for Lori Holt projects and the threads that will move me forward with Wooly Nutcracker.

Nothing on my Design Wall except for what was posted skinny nutcracker!  Hope your week ahead is all that you'd like it to have in it =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, June 28, 2020

This is where my handsome nutcracker remains until Primitive Gatherings brings me some Valdani #8 threads.  I pined his hat with its trim and the beard with the inner part of his coat on just to give him a form :)!  Four balls of Perle Cotton in ivory, red, yellow and blue get here soon =^.^=
Korona is ready for the hand work; putting the binding, sleeve, and label in place.  I will be working on it while waiting for the threads.
Kourage has its binding in place.  The sleeve is ready next along with the label.  It is my plan to have Greyson's quilt on its way Thursday.  I really love how this project turned out.

There is nothing to change my stash status this week.  After having several weeks of using and no purchases it's a shame.  Perhaps Primitive Gatherings will bring me threads early this week and Wooly Nutcracker can be a finish next time.  Until then do take care of yourself!

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  80.25 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  14 yards
Net used in 2020: 66.25 yards

Design Wall Monday, June 22, 2020

It is a start!  This is the background and units for the one and only border of Wooly Nutcracker.
There appears to be an error in the pattern, well two actually.  They have you cutting the final unit in the pictures the wrong way and not cutting enough of the blue pieces.  Adjustment made before catastrophe!
Next I'll be cutting out the wool for the nutcracker.
The mail brought me the first two of four bias makers that will be used for Autumn Love.  I have the third on order and who knows when the 1" size will be found.  I have a "let me know when more stock arrives" at Stitchin Heaven for the 1" size.  Also on its way for Autumn Love is the Point 2 Point tool from Stitchin Heaven and the Bee Basics Aurifloss kit from Amazon.  The Cute Little Buttons Jars #1, #2 and #3 are sold out everywhere.  I left a post on Lori Holt's blog hoping she might have something for me; fingers crossed!  All of these purchases will come in handy with the Vintage Christmas project that I also have planned.  I signed up at Stitchin Heaven for the BOM that starts in December for the kits.  I already have the book.

No progress on Back In Time as of yet, first things first and that is to be Wooly Nutcracker!  Hope your week ahead is perfect.  DH celebrates his birthday today.  We have Mexican dinner planned as a take-out at Fidel's.  We are both having our favorite from the menu.  Ole!

Sunday Stash Report, June 21, 2020

Kandles is ready for quilting!  This is a 2020 UFO that I'll be gifting to my friend Bonnie.  When I first saw this design Yule Glow by Diane Harris in the McCall's Quilting Nov/Dec 2019 I knew I wanted to make it for Bonnie.  The pieces were cut out sometime ago which made the making of it quick.
I started transferring the pieces to my design wall last Wednesday.  As you can make out it is mostly HSTs.  I used my cell phone to photograph the unit placement to my sewing table which was very helpful to keep track of all the HST placement.  There is a particularly appealing quilting design that is shown with the pattern that Kerry will stitch out in this 27 by 33 inch project.  Excited to have this UFO done!
Keeping the UFO projects going...Wooly Nutcracker is ready for a start.  This is also a 2020 UFO.  I'm using all fabrics from my stash so there is a change to the background and setting pieces (everything not nutcracker).  The fabrics will be cottons and not wool.  My sister Karen gifted me awhile back the gray on the top right that will be directly behind the nutcracker.
Since I haven't finished the 2019 UFOs yet :(...  Back In Time is also to be started.  It is a small project on 16 by 18 inches.  Another modification to the applique for this one too.  I will use cotton for the vines and leaves since there is no green wool in my stash.

So there you have what is to be worked on next and a completion!  The stash number roll this week :)  Hope you come back tomorrow for a visit =^.^=

Used this week:  4 yards
Used YTD:  80.25 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  14 yards
Net used in 2020: 66.25 yards

Design Wall Monday, June 15, 2020

This is what I've been working on and both on my Design Wall today.  My block 6 of 12 in the Fit to Frame series.  I will be auditioning from my stash the next background fabric to use.  I have been using a single fabric for two blocks.  It is planned to continue in this fashion.  This project has been going on for sometime now.  It was used during my trips to the East Coast, but in light of less traveling about for now they have been worked on at home.  The applique technique is needle turn with paper template on the top and fabric below turned under with the needle to match the paper template.
This is the first of several blocks that will make up my Autumn Love project.  This block will also use a bias maker to create the stem of the flower and the legs of the crow (plus other like applique pieces throughout the project.  I don't have any of the bias makers yet.  With the run on them for mask making they are hard to find.  I want only Clover brand; four different sizes.  I found two from Joann that are on their way to me now.  Fortunately for this block one of them is the size needed for both the stem and legs.  The applique technique is Lori Holt's light interfacing sewn to the right side of the fabric and turned, appliqued down either by machine or hand.  I will be hand appliqueing.

I am about to pick up on the started Yule Glow project in mind for my friend Bonnie.  Along with preparing for the next two applique blocks.  Both Fit to Frame and Yule Glow are 2020 UFOs.  Visit again =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, June 14, 2020

Kerry inspired me to "get something going" this past week.  I finished Greyson's project and sent it off for quilting on Thursday.  Since then just a little bit of this and that...  So I looked through my project box and this black and white log cabin called out.  I quickly figured out what I was going to do and here it is!  There were 17 blocks made from a Sunshine BOM Win that Kerry won.  She gifted them to me.  I made another eight blocks, corrected the size of one block and changed out six "logs" from four blocks.  The setting triangles and the corners were full 14.5 blocks like the rest.  I cut them down to achieve the setting.  Obviously I was inspired because just three days later it is ready to quilt.  I will be thinking about a "K" help me!
I also have the Christmas Sunshine Charity quilt ready to bind.  
Autumn Love project has been pulled out of storage.  I watched a video of Lori Holt putting together the first block.  Now it is my turn to do block one, Crow and Pumpkin.  It is the second one in from the left.  See you tomorrow!

Used this week:  5.5 yards
Used YTD:  76.25 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  14 yards
Net used in 2020: 62.25 yards

Design Wall Monday, June 8, 2020

My version of Fit to Frame by block 5.  I had the roof on crooked, but couldn't bear to leave it that it was redone.

Another of the 12 blocks of Fit to Frame; my sixth to work on.  I have the flowers yet to applique down.

I also found time to get in a Sunshine Charity Quilt.  This one was inspired by the reindeer fabric picked up from Sunshine stash.  Everything else from my stash.  I have to do the quilting and finish the binding for it to be added to the growing number to be donated in November.

Sad that another Sunshine Quilt Guild meeting has been cancelled.  This was the last of the membership year.  Looking forward to September meeting =^.^=

Hope you are doing something fun in your sewing room!

Sunday Stash Report, June 7, 2020

Kourage (Gray Stone Farm by Lisa Bongean)
40" x 50"
Kourage is finished.  A nice gray with navy stars from Primitive Gatherings will be used for the back.  It is being fitted to Kourage today.  Kerry gets it next for some fun quilting design.  Not sure if a traditional feather design for the traditional pattern will be the choice.  I am leaning in that direction, but something else might come along.  Kerry has so many possibilities and the many designers have an entire arsenal available just a click away =^.^= 

These cute patriotic socks came to me along with the Halloween FQ from Mom on Friday.  It is always a nice surprise to have something arrive unexpected.  Thanks Mom!

Used this week:  7 yards
Used YTD:  70.75 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  14 yards
Net used in 2020: 56.75 yards

My Great Nephew Greyson was born on Tuesday, 6/2.  He is strong, but continues to have troubles in his first week of life.  Issues with his heart were not as was expected; joyfully so.  He did have a different issue with his annal system.  Something little discussed, but not uncommon.  This will take a couple of surgeries to correct.  Keep praying for him and his family.

Design Wall Monday, June 1, 2020

This is where I start my day with Kourage.  There are a total of 80 blocks in the size of the the project.  Not too much more to go now.  I'm already considering what is available to me in my stash for a bak.  I will have used all the fabrics in the top for it's making.

June is a particularly busy family birth month and one more is soon to be added.  Greyson, whether he's ready or not, is to be born tomorrow =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, May 31, 2020

Kavort is done.  What a nice Frolic! this project has turned out to be.
Beware! It's Halloween BOM arrived on Friday.  I do need to get started on this project...
With a little color guidance from Mom to be (just two days from today), these colors are to be another project for Greyson.  This is the one promised at the virtual baby shower in March.
This is where I ended up from just a bit over two days of sewing.

Kuddles and Kisses didn't make it to Virginia on Saturday as expected.  Hopefully it is just a day late and will arrive on Monday.  Nothing changes my stats this week.  It does look like there might be a change next week with the completion of this fast moving project Kourage.  I'll also look forward to sharing news of Greyson's arrival that is to be on June 2nd.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  63.75 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  14 yards
Net used in 2020: 49.75 yards

Design Wall Monday, May 25, 2020

Happy Memorial Day!

I have nothing to share on my Design Wall today.  There is soon to be a new project started, but first there are two projects that need to be bound.  Kuddles and Kisses will be in the mail just as soon as I can get around all four corners and attach a label.  This one is for Greyson who arrives if he waits...on June 2nd.

Kavort will be next at a more leisurely pace. 

Sunday Stash Report, May 24, 2020

Does this photo bring a suggestion to you?  It bothered me to see not one, but two containers overflowing with scraps...all those important leftovers for a scrappy quilter like me.  Well it was decided to empty the containers and bring my scraps under control =^.^=  This is after the first container was emptied.  Granted it wasn't nearly as full as the second container, but enough so that no more was going into it from another project start (or continuation from a UFO).  Oh the feeling is grand to see it emptied and its contents managed.
This is the result of tackling the second container after one full evening of taming...
Kassy is showing you just how empty the container is now!  Cats and boxes!  It is true about them and if there is one around one can find a cat inside.  All the scraps are ready for action with the next exciting project that needs them.
I do have a completion to change the stats of my stash this week.  I also have a name for my Unity Shelter-in-Place Quilt Along.  Korona sounds like an apt name, what say you?  I decided to stop after Part 5.  At this point it makes a nice lap size at 58" x 67".  A white on white back is planned with a darker blue as the binding.  There are some leftover units to use in the sleeve...but I'm getting ahead of the quilting!  Kerry will get this project next week too.  First though there is some ironing to do :)
Kuddles and Kisses
Friday the postperson brought me Kavort and another newly named project, Kuddles and Kisses (aka Elvira).  Look close at Kuddles and Kisses quilting...choo, choo, and ABC, chug-a-chug, chug!  This project is for Greyson my grandnephew that is due nine days from now!  Don't look too close Tiffany...  The black/white check strips on the right are the binding ready to prepare.  Having Kuddles and Kisses done today and in the mail next week is my goal.  Greyson needs one of his Great Aunt's quilts!
Much of the evening on Saturday was spent putting more leftover partial blocks together to make the sleeve for Kavort.  There were lots of leftover units from Kavort that I wanted to use on it somehow.  Many were used up with a strip down the back, but five remained that became the sleeve along with some leftover back.  The green strips in the back will become the binding.

So a good week with a lot of binding and a trip to the post office ahead for me in the coming days.  I hope you have an opportunity to enjoy a picnic tomorrow in celebration of our heros both here and in heaven.

Used this week:  9.25 yards
Used YTD:  63.75 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  14 yards
Net used in 2020: 49.75 yards

Thursday, May 21, 2020

The last of the 2019-2020 Sunshine Quilt Guild Challenge projects is done.  This is a charity quilt that will go to one of the kids that stops at Becky's House.  All the fabrics came in a kit from the charity stash that Sunshine has available for members to make a charity quilt.
This one has the cutest of backs.  Don't you love the pigs on motorcycles?  Notice the tattoos on some of them LOL!
So here's my checklist for the Challenge.  Yep gave myself a star!

Design Wall Monday, May 18, 2020

I think this will be my conclusion of Unity Quilt Along.  This is the end of Part 6.  It is getting to be a nice throw size.  After I check out Part 8 that is released today a final decision will be made to go on with it.  I will be skipping Parts 6 and 7.  It has been a fun project!

Next up is the last of the UFOs for Sunshine Quilt Guild.  We haven't had a meeting since March.  Sure hope that we can get together in June.  My UFOs have all been charity quilts for Becky's House.  More on this last UFO in my next post.  Hope you have a nice week ahead.