Design Wall Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Brother Mike and my Nephew Austin!  June is a busy month for my family.  You will be seeing lots of birthday wishes the entire month.

This one is a secret.  Frankly, even to me until I get busy on it (wink).  It is the yearly challenge with Sunshine Quilt Guild and it's due on Tuesday....yep tomorrow!  I have the pattern tucked nicely under the feather fabric.  I'm anxious to get this one finished.  The theme is Freedom.  We'll be judged in three categories.  All the blocks will then be assembled into the Opportunity Quilt for 2012-2013.

These four blocks are the Block of the Month project.  We were to use a red and a white only.  Barbara coordinated this fun project.

This is my crabapple swap blocks.  I've got ten of the 18 sets required.  The pieces at the top on the left will hopefully complete the remaining sets...three of us were working on these at the retreat and two turned theirs in finished.  Three turned in so far with three I'm pretty certain just days behind.  Due date for this project is the end of June.

Stop by Wednesday and I'll show you how my challenge block turned out.  See other great quilting projects at Patchwork Times.

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Vicki H. said...

Looks great, I am loving the framed square quilts. Nicely done on the swap blocks too,