Friday, June 15, 2012

Another swapper has turned in 9-patches.  Each and every turn in brings the number closer.  I suspect that Monday might bring me more when I go to Canyon Quilt Guild's Monthly meeting.  If not the postal service will be delivering lots more over the next two weeks.  I'm still not done with mine :(!
Mom and I have been real busy getting all of her projects done that we set out to accomplish while she's here.  In between I've been busy binding Kamile and Kordova Klosure.  I was asked to give a lecture and trunk show at Canyon Quilt Guild's Monthly meeting this month as part of what is being called "Member Spotlight".  My presentation will focus on Traditional Quilting.  Wendy Knight will also present with a focus on Art Quilting.  Now let's see how many quilts can fit into two large suitcases!

Last night's project was finishing Mom's Chunky Churndashes.  She's busy today putting on the borders.  She had several churndash blocks left so four will be used for the corner stones along with a two pieced border.  The rest of the churndash blocks will be arranged on the back.  Next to work on are hot air balloon blocks from a swap she participated in online a couple of years back.  She brought these last year but we ran out of time.  Time is running out again, but this one is going to get won't go back to Maryland in pieces!  Then there's the round robin to pull fabric for...purples? greens? definitely a bit of black.  Strings?  Anxious to see how this one comes together.

I should find time to finish the remaining 9-patches for my Crabapple swap while Mom's busy stitching.  Then there's my Quilt Square Quilt Along block to finish before the end of the month.  Enjoy your sewing projects.

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