Design Wall Monday. August 24, 2015

I have Another Brick in the Wall in full production.  The first column on the left are the four A Blocks.  Next in are the three B Blocks.  Both of these are finished blocks.  The next two columns are the yet to be sewn together strips of all three C Blocks.
These strips are three of the sizes needed for D and E Blocks.  I only have the 1 1/4" strips and 1" strips for both of these blocks to piece.  As always I'm working hard to conserve fabrics...I don't want to cut into the nice background yardage that remains unless I have to.  I'm using the leftovers of the 4 1/2", 2 1/2", and 1 1/2" strips forward.  I hope to finish the rest of the piecing and start on the strip assembly later tonight.  Right now Krates is the name that I plan to use...unless another idea comes forward...

I squeezed in time this morning to trim, prepare binding and sleeve, as well as stitch them in place on the Eagle quilt.  I will be mailing this off this morning to Maryland for finishing when I will be visiting later this week.  This one will be donated to the Veterans Home near my parents home.  Mom and I will be delivering it in early September.  Mom and Dad have birthdays and an anniversary coming that I will be there to celebrate.

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Sunday Stash Report, August 23, 2015

I continued my stash building through this week too.  I sure have been enjoying myself.  I needed some fill in fabrics for my newest Buggy Barn project, Prince Charming.  I have all the pieces cut out with one princely frog sewn.  I haven't been back to the project to be called Kristoff (after the Prince in Disney's Frozen) and won't probably until my return from the East Coast near the middle of September.  Here are those fabrics from Paradise Sewing in Poway.
On Saturday I went for the ride with Kerry and her daughter to select fabric for their new project, a backing, and a project coming in October...mind you I just went for the ride.  Well that turned out to be a stash enhancement for me too.  I found more fabrics that I'll need for my next Buggy Barn project, Believe.  I also found a couple of those hard to find not homespun plaids.  I use a lot of these type of fabrics in Buggy Barn projects.  While they were noticed I decided to get them.  These are fabrics purchased from Memory Lane in El Cajon and Rosie's in La Mesa.  I'm still thinking of a name for my Believe project that Flying Santas are the theme in the design.
I didn't purchase these yesterday, but I hadn't until now counted in the fabric for the monthly project, A Prairie Gathering, that I will be stitching soon until now.  This is Chapter 3, Part 8; it is a monthly installment project but is set up like a book.  Saturday I took the time to count the at this point there is 10 3/4 yards.  Four months left of fabric enhancement yet to go.  I plan to count the project used once the top is complete.  At the moment Kanton Kull is what I have decided on a name.  This after a prairie called Canton located in Fulton County Illinois and cull that means a group.
Saturday had me working on cutting the teal parts of my last UFO for 2015 to finish, Komatose.  This is Bonnie Hunter's design called Lazy Sunday.  These are just the teal fabrics.  From each came one 3 1/2" square that will be in the middle of the block, 24 different teals.  Just love a scrappy quilt!
So another big dent and nothing to counter the balances.  Sewing time!!!  Enjoy your Sunday and maybe squeeze in some time to enjoy other quilters using their fabric stash through the links at Patchwork Times.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  189 yards
Purchased this week:  21.5 yards
Purchased YTD:  118.25
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  70.75 yards

Design Wall Monday, August 17, 2015

 I have a UFO on my wall, but not one that I started.  I took this awesome project from my Mom last September to finish.  Mom was at Road to California Quilt Show January 2013.  It was a quickly scheduled trip which left few classes with openings for her to take.  Another Brick in the Wall a design by Emily Cier had some spots.  It probably wasn't a workshop that she would have signed up for, but I thought she could stretch her skills.  She got through one block and that was enough.  Mom's block is the one all sewn up on the bottom row first on the left.  There are five block designs the first row (look for the white tag marked B for row separation) are all the A blocks; the second row are all the B blocks.  I'm just getting going on the remaining two B blocks.  By the way none of the ones I've been working on are sewn into rows yet...the challenging part!  These rows are slender with the smallest one finishing just 1/2" wide and the largest just 4" wide.  All the pieces are cut which is taking a lot of the time to put it together out of the equation.  I really like the fabrics.  Mom will be very happy to see this one done.
 Photograph of Emily Cier's project.
 Trying to keep all the pieces organized is quite the challenge!
Sunday I attended another Buggy Barn workshop at Paradise Sewing with Julanne Burgstrom.  As always it was a fun day.  Nice to be in the air conditioning as it was 101' when I left at 4:30 pm.  We've been having a heat wave in San Diego these last few days.  Prince Charming is the name of the design.  The toad at the top with his crown is just one of three that will have crowns.  The other 13 will not have a crown.  They end up with the cutest expression; an embroidered smile and huge eyes of black surrounded by white.  Pearl thread will be the smile and felted wool stitched down with pearl thread in a blanket stitch will finish each toads face.  A four inch wide pieced border using leftover strips from all the fabrics will finish the quilt.
I did lots of shopping at several different quilt shops in my area and ended up with this array.  Quite a bit of colors and patterns going together.  Anxious to see how this one turns out.  More on progress when I can get back to it.  I am happy with how my first toad finished.

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