Design Wall Monday, October 26, 2020

Here are all the HSTs for the next UFO I will be working on.  UFO #2 is Prairie Winds by Pam Buda.  Yep another one of Pam's designs.  These units are trimmed down to 2" and will finish in the project at 1 1/2".

The purple friendship star units have already been trimmed down.  There are a lot to trim, but I do like the exactness that comes from taking the time.

You would never think my project with it's Mardi Gras colors would come from her project!  This one should be pretty quick...  Have a wonderful week this last one in October 2020 =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, October 25, 2020

Shortly after waking this morning there was a heavy shower that maybe lasted for two minutes...  Weather sure has been getting closer to what it should be this time of year for San Diego!  Enjoying the cooler weather.

I have two completions to claim this week YIPPEE!  Irelyn's quilt and the blue quilt are both done.  Both need 'K' names...  They will be off to Kerry's Quilting tomorrow.  Kerry is expecting them and will rush them through her lovely quilting.

Irelyn's quilt is very soft looking.  Color selections come from Kaitlyn that match Irelyn's bedroom.  Irelyn is due the first part of November and I'm hoping to have it to Kaitlyn and David before her birth.

The blue quilt will be on hand.  I had already pulled the blues from my stash potentially for Greyson's quilt.  Tiffany liked a different shade of blue instead so Greyson got his quilt with those shades.  Since they were already pulled I chose to make them up.  I had fun with the back on it.  Just didn't have enough so a little improvisation took place.
I must share my concern about dye lots in fabric and how different they can be.  My stash enhancement arrived on Thursday to have enough background to finish the blue quilt.  When the package was opened the fabric looked much darker than what was already in the project.  It was noticeably darker!  Now I pondered on what to do as most of the project was already into blocks.  Not happy!  I thought I would need to scatter the darker fabric around the top and hope for the best.  Not happy!  Then I took a look at the back of the fabric to see if it would match better since sometimes that is possible.  HAPPY DANCING!
This is the back of one of the blocks.  Notice the difference of the top piece?  This is the front of the darker background.  Big difference, right?
Here is the front of the same block.  Notice the same piece at the top?  This is the back of the darker background.  Worked out in the end =^.^=

I did get a birthday card and gift from has been in the mail since the last week of September.  Yep that is right.  It should have been here according to USPS by 10/3.  The package ended up back at Rita's address, label torn away.  Rita mailed it back out and it finally arrived.  The Candy Cat project might just have to grow as this fabric will definitely be used to make a block.  Love the card too.  Thank you Rita!

I also got a kitty t-shirt from my Mom.  Most of you know I'm from Maryland.  How perfect is this?  It says "meowyland".  Thank you Mom!

This week there is a change in both used with two project finishes and purchased with the fabric needed to finish the blue quilt plus some time I'll be using it front side out!

Used this week:  14 yards
Used YTD:  127 yards
Purchased this week:  2 yards
Purchased YTD:  23.75 yards
Net used in 2020: 103.25 yards

Design Wall Monday, October 19, 2020

The extra background purchased for Irelyn's quilt worked out to be right (or so I hoped) for the third Gray Stone Farm project that will be made.  This one doesn't have a home, but will be on hand for when that announcement comes around.  When I got to cutting the background low and behold it was a bit short...urgh!  Being a new fabric a quick purchase remedied this.  Now all I have to do is sew as much as I can and wait for 1/4 yard to arrive.  This is part of the 2020-2021 Sunshine Quilt Guild Challenge...  I need it completely done before the next meeting 2nd week of November or pay the penalty.  Gosh darn I am the coordinator so I can't have that happen =^.^=

There are two blocks.  I have enough and all sewn of the block on the left.  The right blocks are sewn up to the fabric I'm short of.  Hurry Laundry Basket Quilts!

I have sewn Irelyn's quilt together and at the "adding some enhancements" stage.  This is the first of three flowers that will be appliqued to it.  I've already discussed with Kerry the quilting pattern to look for and she will choose the right color thread.

I have Prairie Winds #12 UFO cut out so it might be that it comes under my needle this week.  These hands of mine don't stay idle!  Enjoy the week ahead.