Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Again I will share with you Kookaburra which was a participant in the Traditional Large Pieced category at the 2015 Road to California Quilt Show.  The program cover and information first.

Kookaburra was among 24 outstanding quilts in the category.  I heard it said from show organizers that it ranks as one of the most outstanding of projects to be entered.  Competition was tough, even for the judges.  A note before you scroll down too far...  The photo of the Judge's Choice is horrible.  The fabric selection was very different, but it worked.  I wish to have had a better photo.  I think the Judges made the right call.  The piecing in 1st place was excellent, but I felt it was entered in the wrong category.  2nd place would have been my 1st place call.  I can't share the remaining 19 so next year if you can try to make it to the show.  It is always the third week of January.
1st Place
Points of Interest
2nd Place
Spotlight on the Stars
3rd Place
Honorable Mention
Judge's Choice
Sanderson's Apprentice

Design Wall Monday, January 26, 2015

I spent Thursday through Saturday this past week in Ontario, California at the Road to California Quilt Show.  I brought home all kinds of patterns and some fabrics for them.  Kurry needed a few more yellows and blues.  The fabrics that are positioned a bit lower on the top row and the one under the dark purple should be able to accomplish the requirements.  Now to get to the sewing.  I'll be working on this one this week and until February's UFO project has been announced on the 1st.
This is a very cute "sewing book" that I picked up.  The design is by Lynette Anderson.  The embellishments are all sewing related.  Notice the reindeer on the green fabric?  Just way too cute not to bring home.  I will be using the light green on the top for the "sewing book" and the other two for a Christmas theme Buggy Barn Design that I have on my want to make sewing list.
This project is 46" x 56" and perfect for little 4-patches.  It is called "A Quilt for Mrs. Chalmers" by Em and Me Designs.  I will be using the cheddars for it.  The tractor holding the quilt is a shinny orange.  Doesn't show much of the quilt so I pulled the instructions so that you could see what my eyes happened upon in their booth.
I didn't purchase any fabrics for these patterns.  I had in mind using scraps.  The projects are small except Rainbow Radiance.  There will be more on these projects as I get to them during the year.
I purchased Rainbow Radiance and the On-Point Patchwork book from Donna Lynn Thomas at her workshop.  I nearly accomplished one block during the class.  I put the final parts together after the class in my hotel room.  Using the Omnigrip On-Point ruler is pretty neat.  I like many of the designs Donna Lynn has so I'm thinking I'll give this ruler a go on another of her projects.
The last class was a mystery by Tiffany Hayes.  It was called Downton Abbey; featuring the fabric line.  Tiffany uses the Goddess Tool for her projects.  She mentioned this was her first every mystery.  She did a great job in my opinion.  There were 36 in the workshop that was from 6pm to midnight.  The evening was started with a lottery on the kits, all of which were named after one of the characters in the popular television show now in its fifth season.  Mine is the Lord kit which are primarily manly prints.  I finished the first three episodes and have two more yet to go before the finale.  

Kookaburra was displayed nicely in among the other quilts of its category.  There was some stiff competition this year.  I do agree with the judging the winners created some beautiful quilts.  You will have to stop in from time to time and see how my new projects are coming along.  Have a wonderful week and if you have time see more projects through the links at Patchwork Times.

Sunday Stash Report, January 25, 2015

Let's start with all my fabric purchases at Road to California...  I purchased a FQ bundle to get the 14 you see on the left.  These won't take very long for me to use.  Neutrals are a must with scrappy projects!  Next up are FQ cheddars and a 1/2 yard yellow.  I picked up a pattern while I was at the show that will use the cheddars.  (I'll share patterns tomorrow.)  Next up fabrics for Kurry; I needed a few more blues and yellows to complete the look that I am working to achieve.  The multi color will be part of the consistent design that runs through the top.  Finally, more FQs for another of the patterns that I purchased.  I'm certainly looking forward to using these fabrics.
I knew I'd have a heavy "purchase" week and really hoped to finish my Grand Illusion to offset the add.  Well you can see that I finished Kadabra...  The teal fabric that I thought to use for the inner border just didn't work so yellow it is.  I am thinking to use the teal for the binding.  We shall see what will be after it is quilted.

Here are my stats for this week.  Hope your day was perfect.  Patchwork Times will connect you to other quilters using up their stash.

Used this week: 16 yards
Used YTD: 32.75 yards
Purchased this week:  10 yards
Purchased YTD: 24 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  8.75 yards