Sunday Stash Report, March 26, 2017

Kissin' Korner 2
2017 UFO
Saturday I spent the afternoon with Kerry.  After lunch at Dudley's Deli, thread and quilting designs were selected for four different projects that I added to her queue.  Next I cut into units some three 2" wide strip units that I had stitched earlier.  These will go into the making of another 2017 UFO one by Bonnie Hunter called Kiss in the Corner.  It will be the second project using this fun design.  When I made the original project by accident twice as many Shoo Fly blocks were made.  With Kissin' Korner 2 only the sashing that includes the "kiss" and the setting triangles need stitching.  It should go together real quick.
March 2017 UFO
I had a finish in Kourageous this week.  Thankful I get to change the USED stats this week.  For all the work put into the project, not to mention the many years from start to finish, not much fabric was used.  Suppose it's the little pieces as the project finished at 39" x 39".  Happy that I didn't have to purchase all the variety these fabrics consisted of at one time!

Used this week:  4.5 yards
Used YTD: 42.25 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  19.5 yards
Net used in 2017:  22.75 yards

More quilters using up their stash this past week.  Enjoy the quilting through the links at Patchwork Times.

UFO Completion, March 24, 2017

March 2017 UFO
39" x 39"
2,293 pieces
I am so excited with this finish.  It has been many years in the designing.  Before that, many years in my bucket list.  Again it became many years in the designing.  This project was started back in 2009 when I thought how cool it would be to make exotic flowers out of animal skin theme fabrics.  Then the hunt started for both fabrics and foundation pieced patterns.  Two designers came up with the flower patterns and countless quilt shops had the fabrics.  In 2011 I made the making of the flowers a UFO project.  One flower was made each month of the year.  Challenge met!

From there it sat for how to arrange the blocks into a setting.  My friend Shelly came up with the setting block idea.  It was ready for my 2017 UFO project list.  This month it was called to complete...Kourageous was finally going to be a reality.  Fabric choice for the setting blocks and border #2 were a big consideration because I wanted to keep the flowers the focus.  After all when each block had an average of 100 pieces emphasis to them was foremost.  As Janet O commented the setting blocks have a glow to them...  Perfect I accomplished my idea =^.^=

The flower, designer, 2011 UFO month, and how many pieces.

Lily by Linda Causee, UFO #6 January, 146 pieces
Cranesbill by Claudia Hasenbach, UFO #10 February, 82 pieces
Bellflower by Claudia Hasenbach, UFO #1 March, 81 pieces
Meadow Clary by Claudia Hasenbach, UFO #4 April, 99 pieces
Lily of the Valley by Linda Causee, UFO #9 May, 150 pieces
Larkspur by Linda Causee, UFO #8 June, 188 pieces
Flax by Claudia Hasenbach, UFO #2 July, 74 pieces
Iris by Linda Causee, UFO #7 August, 169 pieces
Pansy by Linda Causee, UFO #11 September, 232 pieces
Meadow Buttercup by Claudia Hasenbach, UFO #5 October, 89 pieces
Heartsease by Claudia Hasenbach, UFO #3 November, 61 pieces
Violets by Linda Causee, UFO #12 December, 169 pieces

The setting block is Wild Goose Chase and it has 57 pieces.  It sure was delightful to have the last three borders be solid pieces!  I have enough of the black animal theme background to use for the binding or maybe it will be just a solid black.  It is off for quilting tomorrow.  Kerry will come up with something grand I am positive.  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I'm looking for opinions on the borders for Kourageous...

This is the solid piece 2nd border.  What you see are the unfinished measurements.  It would be skinnier when sewn together.  The finished size will make it closer to the measurement of the finished units in the setting blocks.

This border option would finish:
Border 1 = 1.5"
Border 2 = .75"
Border 3 = 2"

The one below is the pieced HST 2nd border.  Again you see unfinished measurements.  The HSTs would finish at 1.5" that is the same size as the corner HSTs in the setting blocks.  I would make these units similar in color as the few I've sewn together.  The white three are really a very pale green (the lighting not so good).

This border option would finish:
Border 1 = 1.5"
Border 2 = 1.5"
Border 3 = 2"

I think once the HSTs are seen at the finished size they will look very different.  Can you picture them being the same size as the setting blocks HST corners?  I could also change the orientation of the HSTs with the black towards the center.  Didn't think of this when taking the photos urgh!

So what do you think...