Design Wall Monday, July 25, 2016

Aren't these the cutest?  Kerry found them during a recent vacation she took.  I guess I'll have to make a sash to sew them on to.  Is there such a thing as Good Quilter badges...

The first applique border is in place on Kookoo Katchu.  I have it glued down right now.  Stitching will start with the vines first which should be at lunchtime today.

I will start at the top and work my way down the side.  There is an identical applique pattern on the bottom right side.  Anxious on this pretty project!

Before starting on the vines I set out to finish Sunshine Quilt Guild's 2017 Opportunity Quilt.  All done; now to make arrangements to get it to the next member for label.  Someone is working on the tickets.  Its debut will be at the San Diego Quilt Show in the Fall.  Yes, it is Bonnie Hunter's design called Garden Party.  I hope the winning ticket for this one is mine :)!  If not another design in my "want to make bucket".

Hope there is something exciting going on in your sewing room today!  There is more to see through the links at Patchwork Times.

Sunday Stash Report, July 24, 2016

Kookoo Katchu
2016 June UFO
I have the borders on now.  It is time for the applique to be set in place.

I plan to work on the top left side first.  I have enough vine and applique pieces prepared to have that happen.  I had thought I might leave the border off to stitch down the applique, but changed my mind on that.  The border is only 6" finished and the quilt top itself isn't too big.  Putting them on first helps align the placement better.
Applique Pieces
I stayed away from quilt shops this week.  Lots of progress on Kookoo Katchu, but its finish won't be this week.  I'm still hoping for the finish in July.  Here is my stash report for this 31st week of 2016.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  109.25 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  83 yards
Net used in 2016:  26.25 yards

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Friday, July 22, 2016

TGIF!  Wish that it was an OFF Friday for me :(

I have Kookoo Katchu piecing on my design wall less the borders.  You can see that I have that going on too.  I've been working on the applique parts.

There aren't too many pieces to prepare.  Only three different shapes.  The majority of these will be the leaf that doubles as petals in a couple of flowers.

The difficult part is preparing the bias vine.  I really don't prefer using the binding tool with the tape.  I have it, tried it.  The old fashion way works best for me.  I want the vine to finish 1/4" wide.  I'll be using the darkest of the blues.  You may notice in the first photograph the placement of the dark blue.  
It is all coming together for a finish by the end of the month!  Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy the weekend.  We are staying away from the city this weekend...Comicon is in full attendance all weekend!