Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I will be at this step for quite sometime to come.  I spent nearly three hours last night trimming.  Kutarug is going to be spectacular =^.^=  (I just love this name Janet :-)

I knew this would be necessary since Bonus Triangles aren't exactly any particular measurement.  After all they are essentially scraps that many quilters just trash.  Not this quilter!

So how many do you think my three hours yield?  Remember these are 1 1/2" hour glass units at this stage.  Well, any guesses?

Happy that half of this work week is in the past!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

This article explains why we chose Abyssinians =^.^=  

Kosmo at 10 weeks is finding time for sleeping!

15 Cat Breeds That Act Just Like Dogs by Jess Bolluyt, Culture Cheat Sheet, 8/14/17

Some people love dogs. Others love cats. (And either pet can improve your health.) People usually think of cats as aloof and independent. Dog people often prefer canines’ extroverted playfulness to cats’ quiet affection. And people often think their pet choice says something about their personality. But pets and people don’t always live up to the stereotypes. In fact, some kinds of cats act more like a happy-go-lucky dog. Some will play fetch with you. Others love to go swimming. And still others will come when you call their names.
Check out these 15 cat breeds that act just like dogs.
1. Abyssinian

The Abyssinian likes to play fetch and loves water. | Wang He/Getty Images

PawCulture reports that one of the best cat breeds for people who are more accustomed to dogs is the Abyssinian. This breed loves water (unlike your average household cat). These cats also like to play fetch with their favorite toys. Plus, they follow their owners around the house. They’re also receptive to leash training. The only drawback? Because the Abyssinian needs more attention than other cat breeds, they aren’t the best choice if you need to leave your pet alone often.
2. Ragdoll
3. American Bobtail
4. Bombay
5. Main Coon
6. Birman
7. Manx
8. Ocicat
9. Ragamuffin
10. Siberian
11. American Curl
12. Chartreux
13. Burmese
14. Turkish Angora
15. Sphynx

Design Wall Monday, August 14, 2017

This is the beginnings of Kutarug.  Kutarug is my August 2017 UFO.  There is a lot to do for this project; not sure August will be the month it will finish.  The design is called Winning Combination by Tammy Vonderschmitt.  It drew my attention from the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting April 2016 issue.
Requirements for the ~ 59" x 81" quilt needs 468 2 7/8" squares that makes into HSTs which goes on to make 234 pinwheel units.

I fortunately have a bunch of Bonus Triangles from various previous projects and the generosity of my friend Debra.  Debra gave me a very large bag of HSTs a couple of months back.  What changes it up significantly is first I will be making my project larger to fit a king size bed AND second my pinwheel units will finish at 2 1/2" rather than 3 1/2".
So by now you may have figured out that I need way more than 234 pinwheel units!  I'm sure to use up all of my Bonus Triangles on Kutarug.  At the moment I'm squaring up hourglass units to 1 1/2".
Saturday DH and I put together a cat tower =^.^=.  Just a few short weeks until Kosmo and Kassy will be climbing up to look out the windows at the neighbor's bird bath and feeders.
Thursday at work there was a drawing that I won.  There are some pretty nice goodies in this basket!  The blackberry lollipops are a hit right now in the office.