Design Wall Monday, January 18, 2021

 I had fun with Mom on Sunday putting all 16 blocks on the wall for Krooked Kreek during a FB video chat.  The size I am making is 16 blocks rather than 25 blocks in Bonnie Hunter's Grassy Creek design.  I felt it necessary to remake one set of eight of the HSTs that you can see in the corners.  The gray was just too light for my liking.  She did caution us on this...

It is sort of funny that I ended up needing to purchase some paint at Sherwin-Williams on Saturday so while I was there the paint chips were found which Bonnie mentioned in the beginning of this mystery.  I did okay with the five fabrics (green, gold, orange, red, and gray) except for the gold and orange.  These two, especially the orange, I went a bit brighter.  They still have the fall colors...just the beginning of fall when the colors of the leaves are the brightest.

There is no room on my Design Wall for the border and sashing pieces until the blocks are sewn together, so the sewing table has the start of them.  The "hole" is where one of the blocks will go.

I started the Mystery knowing it was going to be smaller.  Half of the units were made.  Since the design will take another two blocks; two more were made and there is more to be made of the gray sashing unit (gray strings you can see above between the red rectangles.  Today's sewing is making ten more of these units.  The last and final border is also gray strings.  Guess I will be making lots of gray strings over the next few days.

Hope that today you think about honoring Martin Luther King's memory and his mission.  We definitely could use more unity, peace, and kindness.  Enjoy your sewing=^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, January 17, 2021


I have the heart done and off to Lorna for Sunshine's BOM January offering.  This one was coordinated by Carolyn.  I started off with just three scraps from my strip stash.  I'm always low on reds.

During the week this FQ bundle arrived from Missouri Star Quilts.  I already have a plan for five of these FQs.  The table runner that unfortunately will not be ready for Valentine's Day this year.  On the bright side it will be early for next year!

Not too much going on this week due to being assistant painter to DH while he painted some parts of the exterior of our home.  We really like how it has turned out.

Adds to my stash this week include the two gray fabrics I already shared with you and these lush reds.  There is still more fabric on the way...I better get something finished soon =^.^=

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  0 yards
Purchased this week:  9.5 yards
Purchased YTD:  17.5 yards
Net used in 2021:  -17.5 yard

Check back tomorrow to see what will be on my sewing table =^.^=

Design Wall Monday, January 11, 2021

Today came the fabric ordered for the sashing of my Candy Cat project.  I found it at Blue Sheep Boutique in Fort Worth, TX.  Jenny was so helpful.  It is a medium gray towards the blue rather than brown or gray which is just what I wanted.  The second piece also from Blue Sheep Boutique; just because I like it and believe it or not my grays are thinning out after Grassy Creek and soon Appalachian Autumn (both by Bonnie Hunter).  I am also sharing some of my gray stash with Kerry whose making these same two projects and setting up for another Bonnie Hunter project called Silver Linings that uses grays.  Now mind you there is still grays to be had!

I have been spending time getting ready for two events that take place tomorrow for Sunshine Quilt Guild's January meeting.  I am going to coordinate a game and the ongoing 2020-2021 Challenge - UFO Incentive.  The game should be fun...some of my readers have already played it...just a week ago at their Guild's January meeting.  Everyone turned in photos of their UFO #7 project this month so no one will have to pay the $1 penalty.

During the week I will be working on the Sunshine Quilt Guild's BOM.  I have already started searching through my scraps for 2" reds.  Of course there will always be something else to work on.  I got the February six blocks for Vintage Christmas project, ready to start the last part of Candy Cats...shall I keep going =^.^=

Have a great week!