Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today thankfully is HUMP DAY!  A long week for me considering last week I had two and a half days off.  This week it's five full nine hour days.  I took a lunch break looking for this fabric that will be the sashing for the Hot Air Balloon quilt of my Mom's. 

I was also looking for a border fabric for the San Diego Humane Society quilt (pattern shown #713 K9 Kwilts) that Kerry and I will be donating for the 26th Auunal Fur Ball to be held August 25th.

I went first to Quilter's Paradise in Escondido where of course I found something to purchase...but of course not what I was looking for.  I've purchased this fabric once before and loved it. It was at the end of the bolt so...I brought the rest home. 

Next on the way back to the office I stopped at Bits and Pieces also in Escondido and was more than surprised to see the store closed.  I took out my iPhone and tried to track down where they may have moved to without luck.  I don't recall any notice of them closing.  I sure hope not as I really liked the shop.  I recall the taco shop that was next door having a fire and smoke damage to lots of the fabrics, but certainly not a closing of the store.  Calling the shop gave me a change of number which I tried but no answer.  A search for location only gave me the one I was sitting in front of.  Looks grim...anyone know what happened?  So I'm still in need of a black and white ~1/4" check and 5/8 yard of dog theme border fabric.  Kerry is going to look at a couple of the quilt shops in the south part of the county in the coming days.  Hope she'll have some luck. 

If not this piece from Quilter's Paradise might just need to work.  Novelty dog fabric is not so easy to locate.

Meanwhile I continue working on Klowning.  Have all the blocks together along with the sashing.  Rows are next!

The mail person brought me Susie's Crabapple Swap blocks today.  They look great Susie.  I know you had a tough time getting them done recovering from your recent elbow surgery.  Get better quick we'll be doing another swap in the not too distant future.  So that leaves five more to turn know who you are!!

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Jennifer Thomas said...

I like the doggy fabric you currently have. It's bright, happy, and cute. Have a super day.