Sunday Stash Report, June 18, 2017

Retreats are so much fun!  These are trinkets that all of the participants pass out to each other.  My trinket was handmade greeting cards.  No my other hobby is not crafting greeting cards.  Karen, my sister is an excellent crafter of making these.  She keeps me in my "cat" theme card supply.  Sending greeting cards is phasing out, but not during my time =^.^=.  Everyone loved their trinket.  Next up Door Prizes!

I was one of the first of 22 to have my name called to select from the offerings.  The Retreat Coordinator, Candi puts a lot of effort into making us happy and I certainly was to receive this cute holiday wall hanging, sticky notes, and baggage tag.

Mom was called out just after me (door prizes are two after each meal).  Her surprise bag included several items.  The bottom were part of them.  Mom went on to gift me two of the items, the button coaster and mini charm pack.  There will be something fun stitched up with these.

One of the Retreaters, Jo, sure came to my rescue for evening sewing.  Upon set up of my Janome it was evident that the bulb was burnt out.  Although there was plenty of light during the day...this occasion had us sewing way into the evening.

This year's project had Retreaters making pillow case dresses for needy girls.  There were 30 packages put together by a team of Sheri and Candi (I think these were the only two).  Fabrics, bias tape, and embellishments came from several for making the dresses.  

24 were completed in total.  I took the remaining packages to finish.  The Retreat Center will sponsor the dresses going to the girls.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD: 82.75 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  19.5 yards
Net used in 2017:  63.25 yards

As always it was a very fun filled 4-day annual event.  I look forward already to next year.  

I will leave you with a photo of Mom and I in our PJ Night clothing.  Nothing changed my fabric stash statistics this week.  I worked on a long overdue UFO.  Come back and see it in a next post.  Happy Fathers Day.

Design Wall Monday, June 12, 2017

Kilimanjaro is on my Design Wall.  I have decided this won't come with me to the quilting retreat this weekend.  It is just too difficult to arrange it if I take it all down to transport.  So here is where it will stand until my return.  Kilimanjaro is my June 2017 UFO.  There should not be a problem finishing it during the month.

Tuesday night there is Sunshine Quilt Guild monthly meeting.  It is an auction and potluck night affair.  I will be working until the afternoon then run home for Mom.  These are fun nights and sometimes you can come home with a real bargain!

I'll be showing my progress on retreat quilting projects next time.  Enjoy this week!

Sunday Stash Report, June 11,2017

 There are two birthday men in my family on June 11th.  I've been away to Virginia to SURPRISE my brother, Mike.  He turned 60 and there was a party for him.  I gave my first ROAST!  I was kind...  My nephew, Austin celebrated 20 on June 11th too.  It was awesome to be a part of both of their special days.  I can't say when that has happened in a very long time.

I left with Mom on an extremely early flight back to the West Coast on Sunday.  Mom will be with us for three weeks.  I don't often get three weeks each year, usually two, so this is great.  We start off with a time adjustment couple of days then it is off to Pechanga Indian Casino for a day of gambling and a good night's sleep in their awesome rooms.

Next up will be a quilting retreat in Temecula just a few short miles from the casino.  Guaranteed there will be less money spent here!  I plan on working on Konstitution.  Now that I have Kanton Kull done and Kilimanjaro laid out on my Design Wall.  This charm pack came from my Mom as a gift so there is no add to my stash this week.  I hope to get far along on Konstitution over the four day retreat.  No change to stash this time.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD: 82.75 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  19.5 yards
Net used in 2017:  63.25 yards

Design Wall Monday, June 5, 2017

Here is where I start with Kiliminjaro that is #7 to do for the 2017 UFO Challenge with Patchwork Times.  I stitched the rest of the HST Swap blocks from a swap I coordinated in 2013.  Bonnie Hunter was in my area to teach a workshop to make her FREE pattern Scrappy Mountain Majesties and these swap blocks fit just right for the project.  Mine are 5" blocks to start with; her pattern calls for 8 1/2".  The math was calculated for the difference in size and away I went.  During the workshop Bonnie showed a different layout than what is on her website for my miniaturized blocks.  Excited with the way it will look.  I plan to use up the swap blocks for whatever size that ends up.

Saturday had me at Kerry's for some "quilt sister sewing".  Love these times!  I brought home with me Kissin Korner 2 (FREE Bonnie Hunter design Kissin in the Corner) and Knickknack (Janelle Noack design Hopscotch).  The quilting design on Kissin Korner 2 is really cute.  I'll share it once the binding is in place.

In the meantime though I will be figuring out how to make a sleeve with leftover fabrics along with deciding what fabric should be used for the binding.

Never idle time in my sewing room =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, June 4, 2017

Chapter 12 is finished and so is this project!  Kanton Kull is so large that I turned it on its side to photograph.  88 x 100 and loved every stitch =^.^=  This gets me one ahead in my 2017 UFO Challenge as well.

Chapter 12 had me assembling Friendship and Ohio Star blocks and start to finish of the Signature blocks.  These three block styles were put together into borders for the top and bottom.  Finally, a 5 1/2" solid border was added as the finish.  This same solid border fabric will be used for the binding.  According to Pam Buda, her project A Prairie Gathering, required 22.5 yards of fabric.
The additional eight yards used is what will be needed for the back.  It is real nice seeing my status change finally.

Used this week:  30.5 yards
Used YTD: 82.75 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  19.5 yards
Net used in 2017:  63.25 yards

Saturday, June 3, 2017

These were the last of the pieces of Chapter 11.  I didn't even put them in their little baggie since I was on to Chapter 12 the final chapter where they were to be used.

You have already seen the quilt at the end of Chapter 11.  Next you will see the conclusion of this project.  I will be disappointed when it a good book!  Pam Buda and A Prairie Gathering has been a joy to piece.  Of course you definitely need to enjoy making HSTs.

Return tomorrow to see Kanton Kull finished.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Chapter 11!  Kanton Kull is getting more difficult to photograph.  My sewing room is just so big to be able to stand back for the "click".  You can see that the solid border fabric has changed in this round.  These red fabrics are just awesome.

I have some units of the Ohio Star blocks to finish yet, but not too many.  Looks like I am on track for a finish this week.  Enjoy the rest of your week.

Design Wall Monday, May 29, 2017

Kanton Kull is now finished through Chapter 10.  Step one of this chapter was to add the Shoo-Fly Border.  I'm loving it!

The piecing was for more HSTs...and lots of them.  Units for the Friendship Star and Large-Triangle blocks were stitched.  I have the fabrics ready for cutting Chapter 11 pressed.  Time will be set aside today for sewing =^.^=

Many have served our country bravely so that we can have the freedom others don't have.  We all can appreciate the sacrifice this takes, maybe not in all circumstances first hand.  My father and brother both served for the Air Force.  They wore their uniforms proudly until their retirements.  Thank you for allowing me to live my life in the comfort you have and continue to provide.

Today is a family Birthday Day too!  Tiffany...the new bride...celebrates another wonderful year.  2017 has been a big year so far with many firsts; more to come later this year with a new home.  Wishing you happiness in everything today and always.

Have a safe and happy week =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, May 28, 2017

Kanton Kull finished in this photo through Chapter 9.

All of the units are sewn that were part of this chapter's work.

Kanton Kull with its next chapter in full production.  I really like the Shoo-Fly Border.  I don't have it sewn on yet, but getting very anxious to see how the next borders are looking with whole project.  I'm working on the units now.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD: 52.25 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  19.5 yards
Net used in 2017:  32.75 yards

Nothing to change my counts this week.  I am getting close to a finish with Kanton Kull (aka A Prairie Gathering by Pam Buda).

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Thank goodness we've made it to the middle of the week.  All down hill from here and I certainly hope it comes quick...  Monday is Memorial Day; a holiday day for me.  With Friday of that week an off Friday...  A very short week with many taking PTO.  Next week should be an easy week.

So I wanted to take time to gather all the swaps to show what lovely blocks the Aqua/Blue Swap brought each of the participants.  I will be getting Mary's in the mail before the week is out.  Everyone else will get their portion of the swap when next I see them.
Debbie A
Debra B
Bonnie Sue





As you can see there is a lot of variety...the goal has been met!  I will be sort through these tonight.

I am working away on Kanton Kull.  This is Chapter 9 in work.  The Nine-Patch Border was this round along with stitching more of the Shoo-Fly Blocks, Large Triangle Sawtooth Border, and Friend Star Border units.

Until next time...happy sewing.

Design Wall Monday, May 22, 2017

Chapter 8 is nearly complete.  I have the dark red 2" solid border to stitch yet.

This chapter had me stitching all of the Four-Patch Border units together.  It is the ones on the top left.  Also put together more of the unis for the Large Triangle Sawtooth Border...with many still yet to go in chapters to come yet.  Finally the first time touching Ohio Star block.  These first units are for the Odds & Ends units.

Above is Debra's blocks.  Good to get more on the light side of the aqua and blue.  Without a lot of checking I have only noticed a couple of fabrics repeated between the participants.

These are from Debbie.  Her DH was nice enough to get them to me on the due date.  Debbie's have a great batik in the strips in my opinion!

Hoping the rest of your week is perfect =^.^=

Sunday Stash Report, May 21, 2017

Today I am working on Chapter 8.  There is a lot of sewing in this chapter of Pam Buda's A Prairie Gathering.  For those new here my project is called Kanton Kull.  The Checkerboard Border was the first to finish.  This photo has the two sides and the top and bottom units sewn together, but not yet attached.  I need to iron first.  It is measuring up just fine with the rest of the project YIPPEE!

Next to sew were all the Four-Patch Border pieces.  The units on the left are the corners.  Next for these is a press and trim.

The Large Triangle Sawtooth Border units are next in line and then the beginning of stitches on the Ohio Star Border.  I will be working on this chapter probably through the beginning of the week.

Both Teresa and Jennifer had their swap blocks to me this weekend.  Jennifer tucked in her package some thought filled goodies.  The green kitty is for making kitty shaped ice cubes...too funny!  The black kitties are chip closure clips which will definitely be put to use.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD: 52.25 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  19.5 yards
Net used in 2017:  32.75 yards

Nothing changed my fabric stats this past week.  Kanton Kull is coming close to changing my used category...  Join me tomorrow for more on Kanton Kull and the revealing of the last two swappers blocks.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Friday had me working on Chapter 7 (A Prairie Gathering by Pam Buda).  I have it done and something new to show on the design wall.  This chapter had me stitching the last of the Flying Geese Border; so on it went.  I was quite pleased that my 1/4" stitch worked out perfectly.  The border fit just right along with the outside solid border.  Sighing relief...

Here are the other units that were part of Chapter 7.  Checkerboard Border, Four-Patch Border, and Large Triangle Sawtooth Border units were stitched.  Several more chapters to go still.  I am making significant progress though.  Quarter three will have me adding the Checkerboard and Four-Patch Borders.

The mail carrier brought me Kerry's Aqua/Blue Swap blocks today.  Just days away now from the turn in deadline...a few more yet to be received...will they make it?  Sorry for the glare on Kerry's blocks.  There are some fabulous fabrics in these units.  It will be hard for me to select a favorite!

On to Chapter 8 of Kanton Kull =^.^=